overtone singing- lesson 5: l-technique by Anna-Maria Hefele

Discover all about overtone singing- lesson 5: l-technique by Anna-Maria Hefele by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here overtone singing- lesson 5: l-technique by Anna-Maria Hefele.

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new ensemble, new video:

next step in overtone singing technique- what the tongue does inside the mouth in order to get clear overtones.

very good DVD to continue learning, with english subtitles:

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31 thoughts on “overtone singing- lesson 5: l-technique by Anna-Maria Hefele”

  1. I continue to be extremely grateful for these tutorial videos. You are a
    fantastic overtone singer and teacher :D

  2. Thank you so much, Anna. I’ve subbed and watched all of the tutorials, and
    now I can lots of different tones whiles keeping one note straight or
    moving that in an opposite direction. <3

  3. Hello, I want you to know something. I’ve got clear overtones and now I
    want to perform full pieces. Where can I find it? Or do you just improvise?
    I mean, does scores for overtone singing exist? Thanks in advance

  4. Absolutely clear and understandable lesson! Thank you so much! I feel that
    overtone singing helps to correct speech articulation too. I practice twice
    a day 1,5-2 hours total when I’m driving. Question: is it normal that my
    tongue is sore and tired in the end of training session?

  5. When I do r-technique I can hear some overtone but as soon as I switch to
    l-technique it disappears. No overtone at all. Is it more difficult to do L
    than R?
    Regards Juraj 

  6. this person here made me finally positive on what i have been thinking in a
    while: the more self-conscious and self-aware you are in a given learned
    discipline,the more the joy,the freshness,and the strenght this gives you
    emerge out on a recognizable appearance

  7. when i go to the front with my tongue sounds the overtones and in your
    lesson when you move the tongue(your hand) to the front sounds more… mmmm
    deep? undertone?

  8. Anna, what do you think is best for producing the loudest overtones, the L
    sound or the R sound?

    Also, is your tongue touching the top of your mouth on the R sound too, or
    just the L sound?

  9. +Anna-Maria Hefele so quick question, why can a dominant 7th (from the
    fundamental) be produced, and not a major 7th?? It has always puzzled me!
    Btw, love your work, it’s otherworldly. ❤

  10. Thank you for sharing!!!! So inspiring… and a few overtones did emerged
    just after a half an hour of having fun with this…. thank you!!!

  11. Werden du die zunge bewegst mit der L posizion, tust du auch zwischen u-i
    den Sound suchen oder du stehst in einen sound und spielst nur mit der
    Vielen Dank

  12. These lucky people are able to sing a song, no matter what key it is played in. The rest of us have to choose a key that suits our own particular range.

  13. Taking a breath earlier in the pause between musical phrases allows for more time for your singing voice to get ready.

  14. Since leaving the UK at the early age of 18, Lewis has been singing professionally throughout the world from luxury holiday resorts to world voyages with ?Cunard’s Queen Victoria cruise ship’ where he also conducted a 120 piece choir.

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