Online Voice Lessons – Riffs and Runs

Discover all about Online Voice Lessons – Riffs and Runs by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Online Voice Lessons – Riffs and Runs.

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9 thoughts on “Online Voice Lessons – Riffs and Runs

  1. Isabella N. L says:

    I feel when i sing that the resonation is still in my throat… How can you
    fix this?

  2. Geneva Leigh says:

    What are some exercises i can do everyday to improve my voice more? 

  3. Novembernanana says:

    Hi i don’t know how to reach a high pitch. I can only sing with my chest
    voice until A. Can you please check on my cover song and tell me what do i
    have to do? 🙁 

  4. Yasmine M. says:

    When I sing I can “sing” in different tones/ voices but the I always sounds
    different like deeper voice is more with rifs and runs and my lighter voice
    can’t do that.. But then what is my voice? the normal voice I should sing
    in cuz I can’t stand that I can’t sound the same with different songs 🙂
    Amazing tutorials btw thanks for the opportunity

  5. Awesome video Roger, thank you! At times I feel like my throat is a bit
    sore after exercising my upper range. Do you have any more tips on how to
    ascend using vowel sounds and not straining your voice? 

  6. clinton sarpong says:

    Pls I have A problem with my voice
    i have a really nice vocal buh anytime i try to sing i just go off key . i
    get bored at ma self and keep worring .. i realli love to sing i will do
    buh i cant sing without sing on key . hv try everybit to get in key buh
    when ever i try i dont look good .. pls is ther any execises that can help
    me cause i reali wanna sing i reali need this music life

  7. Never hand over. If you love to sing you really can study.

  8. Sofia Todd says:

    Technical weaknesses and imperfections in execution have to be erased before you may qualify to be recognized as a singer with more than potential.

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