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Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Gives Singing Lessons & Coaches KTVA Student Joshua Barnes How To Sing – Cochise &
Show Me How To Live – Audio Slave

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  1. Gabrielthore says:

    Hey Ken! for the past 2 years I’ve been singing really hard and loud on my
    chest voice screwing around with my friends singing random 80s songs and
    making stupid/bad attempts at doing high 80s screams(I love trying to sound
    like David lee Roth)and BTW I have no idea how to take care of my voice or
    anything I would just wing it for the laughs and this has really destroyed
    my voice through out the time I’ve been singing. I wanted to know if its
    possible to recover my voice and maybe make it better

  2. CAiCoN0WisdoM says:

    Hey ken, I was wondering what I needed to do in order to sing like Bruce
    Dickinson. Singing is my favorite hobby when I have nothing else to do at
    my spare time.

  3. Jeff Gover says:

    This sounds a little weak, Idk if its just the computer. I assume if you
    keep practicing singing this with open throat technique you will eventually
    be able to sing it with more power and grit like chris?

  4. Jeff Gover says:

    Like for example I saw this video today and tried tryed to sing this song
    the way you said and I can get the pitch but It is a very clean heady kind
    of sound that is not loud. I assume with practice you will be able to sing
    louder with power and grit like chris?

  5. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    @sunburst909 you don’t from 0 to 1000. There are stages in between. Christ
    doesn’t even sound likie Chis anymore…

  6. Jeff Gover says:

    @kentamplin Sorry! I did not mean weak in reference to him I meant in
    reference to my voice I just started trying to sing like this. So I assume
    with practice you will be able to get more power and distortion?

  7. wildcataosw says:

    I’ve been using your system, and it’s working very well, but my voice
    doesn’t naturally lean towards mask, and I find it really difficult to keep
    a mask presentation consistent, so I have a hard time singing high and
    light, but high and heavy is easy, though I REALLY want the ability to
    control dynamics.

  8. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    @wildcataosw a way to master this with my system is to regularly do the
    whole workout very lightly 2 times back to back to be able to have the
    option of “stepping on the gas” or not. This will help develop the freedom
    to not always have to be full throttle. Then work this up in the same way
    with the desired songs…this will help you

  9. Amotaraso says:

    I really loved the excitement from Joshua after he sang distorted the first
    time. It’s stuff like this which encourage me even more. It’s hard to
    understand it doesn’t hurt 😀

  10. Rorie Lea LaRouge says:

    Oh god I want to learn how to sing this way >.

  11. Rorie Lea LaRouge says:

    Oh god I want to learn how to sing this way >.

  12. claptanamayer says:

    It really sounded like he was hitting a “sweet spot” when he sang Cochise a
    whole step higher! does that mean he has a higher voice than the average
    male? Does it mean he should be singing Chris Cornell songs higher than the
    studio versions, in order to reach his “sweet spot”?

  13. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    It just means that he found the sweet spot period. You should be able to
    find that in any key that you have developed

  14. Teddy Belair says:

    I want to have a skype lesson from you Ken. Are the skype lessons free?

  15. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Thanks, No they are not free 🙂

  16. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    STOP AND CONSIDER THIS: Most all singing programs out there show NO
    SINGING. NONE. Only “talk” with “testimonials” making crazy claims about
    their product. Yet NO ONE IS PROVING IT WITH ANY ACTUAL SINGING (and I mean
    songs, not a scale or a note – but truly singing great). The coaches aren’t
    singing, the students aren’t singing. Don’t you think that is strange?
    Something worth thinking about on you singing quest. Ken Tamplin Vocal
    Academy – Where The PROOF Is In The Singing!

  17. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    To all my singer friends. You are invited to join my Ken Tamplin Vocal
    Academy singers forums where I have almost 3,000 active vocalists
    exchanging great information, getting quality feedback from demo critiques,
    amazing vocal tips and more to help you grow your voice! You can sign up
    here: kentamplinvocalacademy(dot)com/forum/ (exchange the (dot) for a .
    (period) KTVA – Where The PROOF Is In The Singing

  18. Iiro Rantahalvari says:

    Holy crap. After hearing and seeing him for the first couple of minutes I
    didn’t expect him to pull off what he starts at 11mins. That’s very, very
    impressive. He’s got Cornell’s compression technique down pat. He doesn’t
    sound exactly like him, but he sounds like the technique is exactly the
    same, and that’s the best thing for him: To sound like himself but pulling
    off the technique he’s going for. Awesome, awesome stuff. Wow.

  19. Novak Lawn says:

    Is he using belly breathing? (Belly expands while inhaling)

  20. MetalMistress888 says:

    Wow. I have learnt tons of stuff from watching this one clip! 

  21. rebelborn89 says:

    do you sing any of your music in 1/2 or is all of it standard

  22. Yali Menkyo Kaiden says:

    I have a quick question about the larynx, as I heard Ken mention it very
    quickly : is it true that the larynx must always stay in a neutral position
    or can it move up and down as long as you have full control over your
    breath? Thanks in advance!

  23. Joshua Barnes says:

    I love re-watching these!!!

  24. Shannon Caraker says:

    Very nice! I was actually listening to shout yesterday! :-)

  25. Justin Smith says:

    Hey Ken, I’m very seriously looking into investing into your program. I’ve
    been playing guitar since I was 13 and I’m starting to lose interest due to
    the fact that my singing voice is beyond terrible… I’ve smoked cigarettes
    for three past 4 years… Does that ruin my chances from having a great

  26. Brady Pierce says:

    Hi Ken I was curious as to how much your Skype lessons cost

  27. Lilja Maj says:

    no this is the name of your student

  28. I know joshua hes my friends dad. 

  29. my advice is that when you sing you really need to listen to yourself,
    maybe he doesn’t hear it, but his pitch is everywhere. very nice ease and
    control (something I’ll admit I lack) ,but major stage presence and pitch

  30. ClamatoSian says:

    I will buy your pack as soon as I get my first paycheck…
    I have friends who think they are perfect singer the way that they are, but
    part of being good at something is to be humble enough to take discipline
    and train to be better at it. One can’t just lay back thinking we’re “good
    enough”. People who settle are the ones who sink. But people like the guy
    from up here who receives instruction and teaching with open arms from KT
    really get better and may even triumph .

  31. Our qualified singing teachers have a fantastic understanding of SQA curriculum for National 5, Higher and Sixth Year Study singing lessons; that is why we can help your teenager on the pathway to getting great results.

  32. Seth Bowers says:

    If you play an instrument this may allow you to relate singing to what you already know and understand on your instrument.

  33. One of the most established singing teachers in Oxford, Alison has taught me how to sing with style and confidence!

  34. Mckenna Wilkinson says:

    If you want to know how to sing better, this is the place to start.

  35. Vanessa Dorsey says:

    Our music students are gently encouraged by our wonderful, qualified enthusiastic teachers in Crouch End N8, Haringey or Central London in one-to-one Singing Lessons , Piano Tuition , Guitar Lessons , Violin and Fiddle classes as well as other instruments at the London studios near Finchley, Highgate, Mayfair and Muswell Hill.

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