OMG! This DOG Can Totally TALK and SING!!

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Marc Métral and his talking dog Wendy wow the judges
Britain’s Got Talent Audition

40 thoughts on “OMG! This DOG Can Totally TALK and SING!!

  1. BlueGuardian02 says:

    1. It’s fake
    2. He’s a ventriloquist
    3. Look at Simon’s face
    9. He’s name is Simon

  2. Dominika Bieszk says:

    This dog is SOOO funny!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Ana thecraftgirl /the smart loser says:

    But what if the dog dies?!??!?!?!?! No more talking dogs?

  4. Ashutosh Arora says:

    He’s a ventriloquist..the dog is not making those couldn’t the judges notice it

  5. Jose Perez-Garcia says:

    Rip Wendy we will miss her.😢😢

  6. Alesha Hickman says:

    It’s a fake dog but this shit is great! It takes effort and time building a dog like that!

  7. Luna the furrier XD says:

    How the f#*@ dose this dog do this

  8. lonewolf spirit says:

    Oww heck no this cant be true this is so amazing!!!!!!!!

  9. lonewolf spirit says:

    I wood so pick him to win and his dog

  10. KitKat Corn says:

    I love this dog idc if its fake I love this dog

  11. alexandra Valencia says:

    He’s amazing and so is dog

  12. alexandra Valencia says:

    People who’s saying it is fake u hates

  13. Shannon Pacudan says:

    I caught something wrong when the dog says ayay the owner also say it by its voice

  14. Liezel Lopez says:

    Me:its funny hahhahahha no….

  15. legend drex says:

    Oh the conversation at the end. They know its ventriloquism so they’re like how you do it, jokes.

  16. Krystal__ Shraey says:

    How can a dog talk nd sing so nicely. loving this video

  17. The Mianeer says:

    Thats not a real one, you can see that at his mouth

  18. James Xia says:

    u know he can just train the dog to open its mouth a certaiin times like a pupet

  19. All In One says:

    This is not dog 🐶which is singing they think people are stupid

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