(NEW) How To Sing WHISTLE NOTES like Mariah Carey! | AmaZane Channel

Discover all about (NEW) How To Sing WHISTLE NOTES like Mariah Carey! | AmaZane Channel by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here (NEW) How To Sing WHISTLE NOTES like Mariah Carey! | AmaZane Channel.

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More Tips on singing in the Whistle Register 🙂

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I am not a vocal coach, and I never had vocal lessons.
However, to my knowledge I will give you the best tips and explanations. All you have to do is ask in the comments and I will be sure to reply.
It is your decision to follow my tips, or play it safe. 🙂

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*These whistles can never compare to the true Queen of whistles. Mariah Carey*

25 thoughts on “(NEW) How To Sing WHISTLE NOTES like Mariah Carey! | AmaZane Channel

  1. Wow!! Your whistles are so crystal clear! Slay my life!! Gurl we need a
    duet up in here and Grande and Carey won’t have nothing on us 😂

    with a whistle register that stretches up to an A6 but from some weeks now
    I couldn’t whistle I didn’t know why. I started thinking that maybe my
    voice was getting lower and I completely lost my whistle register. When you
    said that I need to stop being nervous about someone listening to it I
    swear to god my confidence level went from 0 to 10000 and my whistle is
    back!!!!!!! Thank you so much my enemy was myself I was being too paranoid
    and worried on not letting people hear it. I put loads of things in my way
    instead of just doing it thank you so much!!!!!! By the way although I can
    whistle I have some control issues where my voice cracks or sometime my
    whistle doesn’t come. For example when I am going to hit Mariah Carey’s G6
    or even an F6 in emotions I always end up messing it up and my whistle not
    coming. Do you have any control tips???

  3. This video is so helpful. I just started this and I noticed that sometimes
    I can get it but other times it won’t come out. If I do these exercises
    everyday will it help me fully get it? Also does this damage the vocal

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