MysT – Frozen – Let It Go – Original Demo cover With Free Vocal Lesson –

Discover all about MysT – Frozen – Let It Go – Original Demo cover With Free Vocal Lesson – by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here MysT – Frozen – Let It Go – Original Demo cover With Free Vocal Lesson –

MysT – How to sing Disney’s Frozen – Let It Go – Original Demo Cover With Free Vocal Lesson – (ft. MysT) –

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Check out MysT’s channel at:

35 thoughts on “MysT – Frozen – Let It Go – Original Demo cover With Free Vocal Lesson –

  1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Disney’s Frozen – Let It Go – Original Demo With Free Vocal Lesson –  (ft. MysT) –  

    Check out MysT’s channel at:  

  2. DuncanAndrewsMusic says:

    dude your awesome thanks for all your uploads real inspiration 😀 

  3. kidanny23 says:

    Great lesson and thanks for the post.She’s a great singer.

  4. Ken….where you the voice coach of her (Disney character).  My nephew’s daughters perform for us during our family gatherings.  They sing along and act with Disney Channel – Let It Go.  I was so amaze how the girls can sing the songs.

    Man…. if I can sing like Mys T after taking Ken T’s voice academy, I would feel like I won the lottery.

    For a senior citizen, it would be a miracle.

    tnx Ed

  5. Fabulous! Tina really rocks, I’m impressed how she worked hard for it. She deserves every note! Please Ken, keep these vids of the students kickin’ butt ’cause they inspire me to work even more on the course. Thanks!

  6. ralphyetmore says:

    Awesome video. Both of you guys sound amazing.

    But c’mon, Ken. You gotta sing an 80’s metal ballad version of this. You know it’ll totally work (sans some lyrics). 😀

  7. Apollo Papp says:

    wow, what a great voice. she sings it better than the original. Well done sir Ken you are the best vocal coach i have ever seen in the internet. =) 

  8. Thomas Hasselberg says:

    This is Great Ken !! Thanks for sharing this with us all. Great Stuff as Always !!!

  9. she did well second time after using vowel a.. great job

  10. VIDEOHEREBOB says:

    Nice! She’s being driven by a great teacher and her mind and intent is awesome..

  11. Auriolofficial says:

    Hey how are you today  Mr kemtamplin do you give lessons from skype or oovoo please answer me  because am from Miami florida  i just  graduated High school  and music is my life and i want you to help me get there please  please dont ignored me am a big fan  please i really need your help  i follow you on twitter facebook please … your the only one  coach vocal who  can take me to be where i want to be in this life  … my twitter name is @Auriolofficial and my skype name is auriolofficial please MR KENTAMPLIM…. 

  12. Auriolofficial says:


  13. SakaNda X says:

    Kent what do you think about maynard james keenan? can you do a video about how to sing like him

  14. As a musician and not a singer I found this interesting! 

  15. I assume you have perfect pitch Ken Tamplin…. 

  16. Hubert Torzewski says:

    MysT – this mic is not representing the quality of your singing voice – it lacks depth and detail -> I recommend checking out some cheapest Neumann mics like tlm102 or tlm103 (or even Rode NT1!). Try them in local music store and bring a friend to tell you which sounds better to your voice. Beside that – awesome singing and nice vibrato! 🙂

  17. Филипп Дмитриев says:

    Can’t be seen on iPhn…

  18. Bob Hohenberger says:

    Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy student MstT sings LET IT GO from FROZEN.  Following the song is a singing lesson from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy, preparing MysT for this recording.  This is an incredible live performance recorded in her home.  Check out KTVA at and learn more about getting the best singing lessons on the planet!  You can also find out more if you check out Ken’s singers forums at where singers from all over the world are learning more about KTVA singing methods.

  19. Bob Hohenberger says:

    Frozen – LET IT GO – an original demo with a FREE VOCAL LESSON (ft.MysT) from Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.  MysT does a live, one-take vocal recording of Let it Go from FROZEN!  Watch the performance and then afterwards, watch MysT being coached on delivering the song by vocal coach Ken Tamplin.  Check out Ken Tamplin’s singing lessons at and start your own vocal journey.  Go to Ken’s Singers Forums at and see what singers from all over the world are saying about KTVA!

  20. lovinyrmusic says:

    I never get sick of hearing MysT (Tina Alcorace) sing this song.  Although its not her regular genre, she nails this song perfectly.  Hope to see good things happen to good people like Ken Tamplin and Tina Alcorace (MysT), you both deserve the best in life.  God Bless.

  21. tia bloomfield says:

    I like this video so much I could watch it 100 times have you done and Anna video yet if u haven’t please can you make on with the girls or with out

  22. Kaylee Flores says:

    Do you know if you could help my singer better for a beginner ?

  23. Christopher Patrick says:

    oh gosh i fell for her the first time i saw her singing like this.. you have such a beautiful face and voice

  24. Bud Foltyn says:

    Wow, amazing! Idina would be SO proud!

  25. Wiktor Vfr says:

    Ken, maybe its Polish language but check this girl out and enjoy! 

  26. Rachelle Wells says:

    oh my god those diaphragm breaths were crazy! O.O thats awesome

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