My Worst Voice Lesson… MirandaSings – GloZell

Discover all about My Worst Voice Lesson… MirandaSings – GloZell by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here My Worst Voice Lesson… MirandaSings – GloZell.

I sang with Miranda Sings!! XOXO

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42 thoughts on “My Worst Voice Lesson… MirandaSings – GloZell

  1. happybreadbob says:

    Haley go suck on ur moms vagina she is doing that on purpose

  2. Tage Dasrat says:

    Both of U together cracks me up! Can’t get enough haha

  3. destiny wilson says:

    glozell was so much better

  4. Kitty Cat says:

    Miranda & GloZell! & if u guys even hate Miranda why did u bother even
    watching this

  5. Gelina Rose San Diego says:

    miranda and glozell are a good match. do more shows! :)

  6. randomrandrandalshow says:

    No Miranda is a real person!

  7. Yamilet Trujillo says:

    Didn’t even know that wasn’t Glozell’s real hair, but it looks good on her!

  8. Sophie Mattes says:


  9. matteo benigni says:

    Miranda urla seri and you fucking suck

  10. Jowan Raines says:

    Haely your the BITCH now gladly shut the fuck up and wash your rotton pussy
    you skank!!!

  11. Jowan Raines says:

    And Jada she doesnt like you either now shut the fuck up you stank ass
    booty musty rotton pussy bitch!! :-D

  12. Jhay “Tigre” Monroe says:

    U do not no that Miranda is a CHARACTER The real Colleen is a much better
    singer than Miranda and better looking its a COMEDY show dumbasses

  13. demilovatofaith says:

    Do people seriously don’t get miranda is a character and this whole thing
    was a skit glozell and the actress playing miranda Collen Ballinger worked
    together on

  14. Angela Grant says:

    Miranda you need to stop being mean to glozell what did she do to you

  15. Ester Sanchez says:

    miranda u need to stop being mean to gozell cause gozell is better than u
    miranda go to hell u white bitch as motherfucker

  16. Ka'mya Hatcher says:

    Mirandq you aound horrible glozell you sound so good

  17. Thais Morimoto says:

    Glozell you were good but you need to learn from Miranda she is perfec and

  18. RedNation says:

    I thought that was her real hai

  19. sweetp556 says:

    It was funny when she pulled off her wig

  20. LpsPetLover 115 says:

    YOU GO GLOZELL!! I honestly dont like miranda (>_<)

  21. kemshia baugh says:

    i do not like miranda
    ooonly glozel miranda doesnt know how to sing glozel does ;]

  22. kemshia baugh says:

    glozel is preety and cute miranda needs singing lesson and shes ugly

  23. kemshia baugh says:

    miranda shut up u always trying to make ppl look nice but u aint making ppl
    nice and miranda u ARE RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one will like her if she
    keeps doing this stuff

  24. kemshia baugh says:

    i dont understand how miranda sings have fanns but shes anyying and mean
    and ugly

  25. Bodrick Nkosi says:

    miranda is wearing socks and some cheap flip flops

  26. Daphne Burgis says:

    It’s obvious Miranda is a character. She is Glozell’s friend. I think it is
    hilarious that people have the time to comment bad things about a video.
    Did Glozell make the video for the haters? NO.

  27. Check my video and subscribe please! x

  28. It doesn’t actually matter if you are a Christian or not, or whether or not you consider the message within the lyrics or not, though it helps.

  29. Crystal Hurley says:

    Children who sing nicely develop wonderful vanity, and a terrificmajority of them are prepared to perform in public.

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