My Voice System Q&A Pt. 2 – M1 up to A4? Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) Changes? Vibrato?

Discover all about My Voice System Q&A Pt. 2 – M1 up to A4? Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) Changes? Vibrato? by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here My Voice System Q&A Pt. 2 – M1 up to A4? Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) Changes? Vibrato?.

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20 thoughts on “My Voice System Q&A Pt. 2 – M1 up to A4? Complete Vocal Technique (CVT) Changes? Vibrato?

  1. Ryan King says:

    Definitely see their own holes. XD it’d actually kick ass to see your genre specific guide for open and closed vowels 😛

  2. Tanner Sandell says:

    I didn’t understand any of the directions in the video! Now I got my dick stuck in the toaster! #Unsubscribing #Dicksintoastersmatter

  3. Luke Streeter says:

    Wow, Massive upgrade in Sound/Visuals. Good stuff.

  4. MyristicMystic says:

    How about doing a video about “The Voice?” For example, do they have a sound engineer adjusting the singing as it is being done? Do you think they use some auto-tune?

  5. Bù Metsu Wrestling says:

    What do you think about Sally Morgan sing like you speak?

  6. blackwaterthreat says:

    Freddie Mercury flipped into falsetto below a4 all the time, so did Prince and it sounded awesome. But you know who did it better than both of them? My man, K.T. from ktva, where the proof is in the pudding. K.T. vox range: C0 to C777(number of the lord). Be humbled, sinner.

  7. Aloona Larionova says:

    yaaaaazz!! you look so real ahah

  8. Chris Jenkins says:

    Jesus great resolution on this vid

  9. Kristopharaoh Music says:

    if you want the camera to facial track auto focus better, you’ll probably need to adjust the lighting a bit. When you go out of frame, it probably detects something in the back as a face and tries to focus on it instead of you.

    Maybe if you put a back drop in the back, it’ll look even more better plus focus issues solved

  10. Kristopharaoh Music says:

    do you think that we all are just making it harder for ourselves to find modes when we actually can do it all all along?

    we just don’t have the developed range to do it (age and not enough practice are contributing factors… plus some have it harder than others at the start with range, haha) like our favorite artists and that’s why we never could sing like that goal artist we want to sing like right now.

    We can do all modes in comfortable speaking range C3-C4. but the way we try to find the mode is the same exact notes as these guys we like singing super high. which is probably a mistake… and training neutral isn’t really going to help us gain the range we need if we want to sing in either curbing, overdrive or edge in the area almost every professional singer sings in…up to a4!!! (except for Asian ballads). Neutral works best if the song is soft and to use for the highest notes like Ab4+. That’s perfect for korean ballads because they’re written like this: soft intro, speaking range, quiet, C4 area a bit stronger but not in belt territory… and the highest wow notes they do in about every song are always in Ab4 area. Bruno Mars uses a bit of it too for his highest notes at times but he still can hit the other modes up there so it is wrong to just train neutral thinking it’ll allow you to gain notes in overdrive edge curbing. cough cough vocal fry helps gain range… yeah if you wanna sing neutral only cough cough

    once you have the high range you can get that curbing sound or make it into overdrive or edge by choice. But i believe we can already do all those modes.. it’s just we are attempting it toooo high than we can do right now.

  11. blablablabla says:

    ay, what’s the equivalent of the male A4 M1 for a female voice? where should we flip?

  12. Man, you look professional with that short depth of field! Camera keeps adjusting the focus though. Look into the best possible settings for the camera. Whohoo!

  13. Sleeping Gerard says:

    The video quality is orgasmic

  14. Yo, for anyone wanting to learn distortion, get Jaime Vendera’s “Raise Your Voice” from the library and read the hard rock chapter. Imo, the book has some unnecessary shit, however, the hard rock chapter I just read helped me out more than anything else by far cuz he explains it so well. Also, he’s not a dick who charges $300 for his book so they have it at librarys!

  15. simon Gustafsson says:

    Where can i find your voice system ? Could you do a video on breathing/support cause it’s a really confusing topic cause every voice teacher says something different, also how do I stop singing from my throat? Thanks !

  16. fahimmuchi says:

    these are some good tips😄 i missed out so many of your videos😮😮 fucking final exams ugh…

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