39 thoughts on “My Singing Lessons!

  1. China Monae says:

    Aww, Bee you is soo good! Luhh you boo <3

  2. Sami Tesfaye says:

    I love Bahja <3 She's so awesome and commited

  3. They look so serious but she shoundnt say two or you. Vowels sound bad

  4. Mikayah Sawyer says:

    I Love this girl and I Love the way she sing, I nvr liked 1+1 now I do (:

  5. stubb1231 says:

    The only thing is the audio is distorted when she sings loud but great

  6. destiniespring says:

    U should do I care by beyonce

  7. michigan Simmons says:

    waste of my time i can do better

  8. Brad Montgomery says:

    Best voice in the group!! No disrespect!

  9. Mariam brown says:

    beauty is a better singer than star !!! the only reason why star leads the
    songs is because her mum is the manager. that’s not fair at all

  10. JhaneCola says:

    This is fucking horrible , people need to stop lying saying she can just
    because they like her . No hate just a person with ears . This sounds
    horrible !

  11. rocroyalwifey99 says:

    Girl u did great dont pay attention to them negative comments cuz they
    prolly can’t even sing so they need to stfu..

  12. shes the best one out of the omg girls she got real talent

  13. Sharlandria Wallace says:

    Hi Bahja you sound great and you r beautiful and keep up the wonderful and
    amazing work . Love you Bahja 💖

  14. callie foster says:

    Kill it end of storyyyyy ♥♥♥♥♥

  15. Desiree Njie says:

    KILLED IT…… Didnt kno you could sing like that

  16. nefertari tiye says:

    This is the best, I mean the best cover to 1+1. I love your voice btw. Its

  17. Djen Toure says:

    I never knew she was this good I thought she is alright

  18. Stephanie Bailey says:

    She can sing but she messed up on the lyrics

  19. Shadonna Shuler says:

    Bajah da balm like u can sing EXCELLENT 

  20. Experiments revealed that if these hormonal adjustments are interrupted, birds fail to excellent their songs (see sonograms above).

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