My First Singing Lesson // Chloe Lukasiak

Discover all about My First Singing Lesson // Chloe Lukasiak by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here My First Singing Lesson // Chloe Lukasiak.

Hey Guys!
I have wanted to learn to sing forever! Today, I give it a try…don’t judge me too harshly! And a special thanks to my friends, Sean and Julian!
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39 thoughts on “My First Singing Lesson // Chloe Lukasiak

  1. lazina akbar says:

    chloes you are so good at singing

  2. kawaiigirl 333 says:

    one thing chloe don’t sing

  3. Sarah Jones says:

    The guys are so hot and they can sing ???!!!!!!!! 😍😍

  4. barbsdogs says:

    So funny. you 3 look great together. she should totally dance while y’all

  5. Cecilia González says:

    I love you Chloe, it’s okay for the first time that you sing with them😍😘
    We love you❤

  6. Tara Williams says:

    I have chills right now 🙈

  7. Nicola Stevens says:

    This wasn’t a singing lesson. You can hurt your vocal chords

  8. Caitlin Cressey says:

    your voice is beautiful on its own you don’t need voice teachers!

  9. keyla salcedo says:

    Seriously Chloe how did you get your hair like that 😢😍😍😍

  10. olirodwell says:

    ANYONE want to be YouTube Bestieess?💗

  11. Emily Tillotson says:

    Those people came To my school and sang

  12. Tiffani Linde says:

    Love your hair it’s so pretty love curls that’s my fav on u any hairstyle
    is gorgeous on u your so beautiful and great dancer and singer love ur
    voice and ur an amazing actress. Love you I’m so proud of u. Your friends
    have amazing voices and moves

  13. Cupcake Reader says:

    I think with some more training Chloe would make a good Meg Giry for
    phantom. She kinda looks the part and has been dancing forever.

  14. Is the guy on the right Julian Martel from GERMANY?

  15. lavercess says:

    I don’t know why now I ship Sean and Chloe

  16. haley the kitten queen says:

    you need to go to an actual voice coach. sorry.

  17. Tessa Fouracre says:

    I love you so much😊😊😊


  19. Julia Lelewel says:

    Who thought the boy on the right was Ricky!???

  20. Sydney Fields says:

    Chloe should teach us a dance on a video

  21. BroadwayBabe10689 says:

    I’m not discrediting these guys but, if you are serious about vocal
    lessons, go to someone with a music degree in voice. They’ll teach you the
    proper technique, breathing, etc. that you need that will improve your
    performance. Singing is so much more than just learning a song and singing

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