My Favorite Things Tutorial & Voice Lesson taught by Diane Miller

Discover all about My Favorite Things Tutorial & Voice Lesson taught by Diane Miller by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here My Favorite Things Tutorial & Voice Lesson taught by Diane Miller.

Have fun learning to sing My Favorite Things from the movie The Sound of Music! The sheet music is “The Sound of Music” by Rodgers & Hammerstein Vocal Selections published by Hal Leonard.

40 thoughts on “My Favorite Things Tutorial & Voice Lesson taught by Diane Miller

  1. mdragon180 says:

    Excellent lesson! Always a joy to sing with you. :-)

  2. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear mdragon180, The pleasure is all mine!!! to sing with you!!!! Love, Di

  3. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear vivian2nana, Wonderful! I would love to see a video of Vivian and
    Sabrina singing it with the piano accompaniment! Have fun!!! 🙂 Love, Di

  4. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear dtoma555, Thank you!!!! and thanks for watching 😉 Love, Di

  5. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear aerostockians, Try, try! You can win the long note competition for
    sure – I just know it! Go for it 😉 Love, Di

  6. AccordionLadyMi says:

    One of “My Favorite Things” is this song. Thanks for sharing your music
    Diane. A hug for my favorite singing teacher. Fran

  7. A very good song, one of my favorites. The video is very well done with a
    lot of effort put into it. Perhaps you under info. list the sheet music
    publisher, etc. Thanks for the efforts.

  8. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Hi aerostockians! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Di

  9. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear Fran/AccordionLadyMi, I’m so glad you like this song! You are more
    than welcome 😉 Hugs right back atcha! Love, Di

  10. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear CommanderUTube, Thanks 😉 Love, Di

  11. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear 941jes, Actually my students will have performance juries/exams in
    April so I am trying hard to upload their practice videos since a video
    works better for them than a CD. It’s just so hard to find the time for
    everyone’s video – I should have about 20 uploaded by now…..not to
    mention all the videos my piano students need! YIKES! Please pray for me to
    find the time for the kids’ sakes! THANKS for your kind support. Love, Di

  12. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear mecatx, I’m so glad you like this song! Thanks for your kind words! I
    could list the music publisher, however I changed the way it goes 🙂 Love,

  13. EliGioCic says:

    you are so professional!! very good job

  14. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear EliGioCic, Thanks! I hope you sang along as you watched 😉 Love, Di

  15. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear CommanderUTube, (that other i.d. was my son’s 🙂 I want to thank you
    for your kind words and let you know you warmed my heart as I read them!
    Love, Diane

  16. abhikmazumder says:

    Great lesson of an all-time classic! One of my favorite songs. One of the
    first pieces I ever played on piano.

  17. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear abhikmazumder, You are *fabulous* at the piano to have played this
    song as one of your very first! Thanks for watching and for your kind words
    😉 Love, Di

  18. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear TheParkourrat99, I am so happy you liked it 😉 Love, Di

  19. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear 3BsBill, modest………actually you are a famous Broadway singer in
    disguise!!!!!! Love, Di

  20. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear TVerch1, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 😉 Love, Di

  21. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear criss1956, Thank you for your compliments!!!! I’m glad you enjoy the
    videos because we sure have fun making them for you! If only you could see
    the bloopers we took out of *this* video! hahahaha…….especially when my
    *foot* cramped! – I have never had the pleasure of eating a schnitzel, but
    I sure do want to!!! You are a blessing to your wife for making her a
    schnitzel for lunch!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!! Love, Di

  22. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear criss1956, Ah! Delicious! I was hoping someone would tell me how to
    make schnitzel and was going to ask during the video but ran out of time 😉
    So I do thank you!!!!!! I will ask my videographer if she would make the
    bloopers video – but this latest foot cramp one was pretty outrageous! It
    was just too funny – Love, Di

  23. sayanarat says:

    —Hi: your Schnitzel is so great, we love it: and by the way, we were
    astonished, that it seems to be pronounced in N.Y. just like in We love you Di…!! Greetings from the old university town
    of Göttingen…Germany

  24. sayanarat says:

    @criss1956 Sorry to tell you, ( as the cook ) A Sc

  25. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear sayanarat, Some day I want to taste Schnitzel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉 That’s
    cool that we pronounce it the same way! Much love to you and your son from
    here in snowy New York, Di

  26. frapistat says:

    You have a gift, Diane, it’s so great that you share it with all. You have
    the voice of an angel. Thank You, your piano is amazing

  27. sayanarat says:

    hi criss , sorry this was a misunderstanding, so I explain : of course you
    ca made a ” schnitzel” with any meat, even a cangaroo ” schnitzel” or
    crocodile or ,or…a hark schnitzel..any kind! I just wanted to say what a
    true ” Vienna Schnitzel ” is..for the Austrians ! Sorry for
    misunderstanding, I expressed it wrong, maybe… !

  28. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear frapistat, You are so sweet to say these things! Love, Di

  29. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear msnostral, You sure are nice! You made my day!!!! Love, Di

  30. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Hi msnostral ! Thanks! and……which Christmas song? “Santa Baby?” 🙂
    Love, Di

  31. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Hi msnostral ! On this channel I uploaded two Christmas songs I sang – did
    you see O Holy Night and Santa Baby? Also the background vocals were fun to
    do with my student singing “All I Want for Christmas is You” – did you see
    that one too? 🙂 Love ya, Di

  32. MillerMusicStudiosTV says:

    Dear msnostral, Yes, I would have loved to join Jerry Lee Lewis! “Goodness,
    gracious – great balls of fire!” 😉 I heard they are doing a play on
    Broadway about a jam session that Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ray Perkins
    and Elvis did! FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Di

  33. Anex Ravensong says:

    AH! Great video thanks so much. I just started singing lessons and we
    worked on this at my first lesson. My teacher asked me to look up the song
    and learn it before our next one and this video was great. It really it
    helped a lot and was almost like being with her. Thanks for posting this.

  34. Andrew Kim (Drew) says:

    you are awesome! these vocal lessons are life changing! thank you!

  35. Diana Bellone says:

    you are great!! i love this song and love you´re method!! thank you!!
    regards from argentina, Diana

  36. Tabby Jones says:

    Thankyou so much !!! This was so helpful

  37. iamapanda96 says:

    woooah, great, love you!
    maya from italy

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