25 thoughts on “Music Lesson for Kids – level 1 – Pitch

  1. nice video. Thanks for sharing. If the guitar hurts your fingers a lot, you
    may want to consider using a lighter/thinner gauge string. They are easy to
    change and not very expensive. It can make a big difference. I posted some
    guitar care videos including a video on how to change guitar strings if
    that helps. Have a great day!
    +Sammy Bones
    #musiclessons #guitarlesson #beginners 

  2. Some of the ideas you present are interesting, but this isn’t how children
    learn best.

    To understand pitch, just get the kids to sing. They’ll feel it that way.

  3. This is good! Why are people making negative comments about this? It’s
    good, and as a music teacher it will give me a break in my class when I’m
    exhausted from the day to day grind of trying to teach the elements of

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  5. Will be using this to teach pitch in a science lesson on sound. It is so
    hard to find all of the sound samples in one great place. Thank you so much
    for making this very clear video! Although you probably thought this would
    just be good for music classes, it is going to be great for my science

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  7. You are awesome teacher. Well, this is the first time i find such a
    gorgeous video like this for the beginners. Actually, i can not make a
    different btw the very single notes on the whole board of 7 notes that
    people often learn in school. But i am really exciting touching this
    lesson. Your words are so comprehensive. If i am at the age of 8, i will
    spend all my summer holiday just to listen to what you say. Cheers for the
    great job:) Love from VN

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