Minecraft – Sjin’s Farm #15 – Singing Lessons

Discover all about Minecraft – Sjin’s Farm #15 – Singing Lessons by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Minecraft – Sjin’s Farm #15 – Singing Lessons.

Minecraft mod series. Today Sjin goes hunting for Bees while giving Lewis some singing lessons.

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38 thoughts on “Minecraft – Sjin’s Farm #15 – Singing Lessons

  1. Jackson Book says:

    butternut squash 
    you mean pumpkin lewis??

  2. Does yogscast complete have project red transportation?

  3. Luke Saunders says:

    I hate to be ‘that guy’ but you sang a ‘G’, which unfortunately is the furthest note from a ‘C’ :/

  4. I have been taking piano lessons for five years

  5. BetaHound says:

    They could have made a machinima where Sjin gives the magic beans to Rythian or Nilesy, and gets a cow in return, then the next day Rythian or Nilesy have a giant beanstalk in their garden. xD

  6. anyone else notice that Lewis referenced Voltz?

  7. Eric Culpitt says:

    So I just unplugged my iPod which was halfway full and as soon as I continue the part were sjin was singing 3 seconds into the song and I read 20% battery remaining and I was like even my iPod doesn’t like his singing XD

  8. LizardGeek says:

    I like how i could put those chest along one wall. buy no take an acre of land for some chest. Geesh..

  9. HojoOSanagi says:

    My childhood friend Vlad had perfect pitch from the age of 6. Usually it’s most common among those who speak tonal languages, so it’s even more impressive that his native tongue wasn’t a tonal tongue but a Slavic one. 

  10. Ben Producting Videos says:

    There are upgrades for the item node thats what the bottom 4 slots are including speed ones.

  11. ACIDBURN6661 says:

    Sjin, you sang F, well from what I heard 😛

  12. Sam Hough says:

    Tainted Love is by Soft Cell! 😛

  13. Chloe Davies says:

    ” Tainted Bees ” Out Now On ITunes! omfg lol 😀

  14. BabkaBiceps#Kevinek says:

    Sting me baby, tainted bees!

  15. Walker Perkins says:

    It was an F#. For anyone who was curious.

  16. Sorcha Kelly says:

    I’m j UST sort of restarting the series CU’s I lost my place

  17. Bacon Dutch says:

    Sjin you were a bit too sharp, oh and um, Middle C is not the hardest to find

  18. Christopher Wilson says:

    7:25        Ahh, morning wood in all its glory. 😉

  19. RealmCopier says:

    At 4:03 all I could think of was ‘Who’s Annette?’

  20. David Pallatin says:

    make a parody of tainted love called tainted bees

  21. Cat gillam says:

    Your singing skills are A++ standard. I mean, you just dwarf me and my 10 years of music lesson. I feel so small compared to your amazingness!!! haha

  22. ivanravenski says:

    He was singing G not C. just saying XD

  23. Brett Whittard says:

    Wow Sjin really?… middle C *shakes head in disgust*

  24. Dax Hallman says:

    Silly Lewis. Culture Club did not sing Tainted Love. The version you were thinking of was by Soft Cell. Much earlier, the original was sung by Gloria Jones.

  25. Stewart Games says:

    Don’t sting me, please! I just can’t stand these tainted bees! I want your honey, though you sting me so, your color is purple, black, and yellow! Tainted bees – Oh nooo! Tainted bees! Sting me baby tainted bees! Sting me baby tainted bees! (Pretty bad, but had to try)

  26. Warning Slinky7 says:

    You can make speed upgrades for the transfer node that is attached to the big chest

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