me trying to sing best part by daniel caesar lol

Discover all about me trying to sing best part by daniel caesar lol by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here me trying to sing best part by daniel caesar lol.

i recorded this on my phone mic so uhhh (no instrumental track in the bg cuz thats too advanced for me & i dont know how to play any instruments either LOOL)

31 thoughts on “me trying to sing best part by daniel caesar lol

  1. Alexa Marcelo says:

    YOU SOUND SO GOOD OMF your voice is so smooth like butter

  2. omg we love a talented and beautiful queen

  3. this is just for fun btw i know im not a singer lmfao

    1. treasures jimin says:

      jemvlogs your voice is so pretty ♡ you should upload a full cover 😊

  4. Narwhal Studies says:

    #Notificationsquad Love your voice🌺🌺🔥🔥Aestetic queen🌹

  5. celestial_flourescent adolescent_ecstasy says:

    id love love lovee it if you made a playlist of u singing that i could listen to!!

  6. l u c i d says:

    your voice is so beautiful wtf 😭😭

  7. i also have a “cant help falling in love with you” cover saved on my phone as well,,not too sure if i want to upload it tbh

  8. Виктория Богомолова says:

    me gusta 😭

  9. Meenumol B says:

    Jem..its time to creat another channel of ur covers😍 its soo perfect..luved this soo much😘😘😘and u should upload the next cover…we all luv ur voice💙

  10. Nils Richart says:

    I want that on Spotify right now 🔥💕

  11. that is gorgeous Jem! what a sweet honey butter voice 💕

  12. agustdick says:

    can you stop being so perfect omg my heart hurts tHIS IS AMAZING

  13. agustdick says:

    your voice makes me feel so hsppy ??? i ?? love ??? you ???

  14. chloe jane says:

    wth this is so beautiful i wish i could sing as good as you!!

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