Me singing “Bubbly” (LIVE) BEFORE & AFTER – 8 YEARS!!!

Discover all about Me singing “Bubbly” (LIVE) BEFORE & AFTER – 8 YEARS!!! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Me singing “Bubbly” (LIVE) BEFORE & AFTER – 8 YEARS!!!.

Official Tiffany Alvord re-do cover of “Bubbly” by Colbie Caillat.
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Watch my first cover ever of “Bubbly”, circa 2008:

Thank you all for being there for me and believing in me. I love you more than you can imagine!!! Just know that no matter what I care about you so much!! -Tiffany

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If you read this, comment: “TIFFANATIC” it’ll confuse anyone who doesn’t read this, haha xD and it’s for everyone in the Tiffamily!

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40 thoughts on “Me singing “Bubbly” (LIVE) BEFORE & AFTER – 8 YEARS!!!

  1. we love you girl.. u hv inspired us a lot for our musical journey 🙂 💐 i
    dnt exactly remmbr the song bt i found u like 3 yrs bck …long way to go

  2. i love how tight she hugs her fans and omg i feel the tears coming…yup i
    feel it rolling down my cheeks :’)

  3. 2011… “It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars is the very first song I saved of
    yours to youtube… I have an album on here I keep of your songs… you are
    amazing, never lose your shine… you’re the light in the dark, you
    rawk…!!!! ♡

  4. for me you are so are blessed I pray for more people inspire to you… even
    we not meet in personal i’am your fan… when i hear your song Jar of Heart
    Cover…. thank you God bless you!!

  5. Just seeing how much your guitar playing alone has improved over all these
    years – awesome! *hugs*
    Wishing you the best for the next 8 years 🎂 and may at least most of your
    dreams and wishe come true! 😊 

  6. Of course i remember and i’m soo lucky that i found you tiff <3 <3 i found
    you on the most beautiful cover singers ever !! you were o a swimming pool
    singing we are never getting back together by taylor swift and i wish i
    could meet you someday and while waiting i wish you all the best <3 <3

  7. I love that old one too 😊 and the new one but the old one of you just
    shows that you have come so far to where you are now. congrats on growing
    everyday. hopefully soon ill be posting videos of my singing as well and do
    what you just did and look back at your old videos and. e so happy that you
    have come so far

  8. It takes so much courage and vulnerability to do what you are doing!!!!
    Keep up the great work!!!! You are making the world a better place by FULLY
    being who You ARE and sharing all of your many, many gifts!!! :)

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