Matt Bellamy SINGING lesson (2018)

Discover all about Matt Bellamy SINGING lesson (2018) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Matt Bellamy SINGING lesson (2018).

Topic: In this video I cover Matt Bellamy’s singing technique and singing style in depth, up close and personal with examples and demos. Matt is one of my favorite singers he is strong in all parts of singing and a great vocal mentor!

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38 thoughts on “Matt Bellamy SINGING lesson (2018)

  1. fahimmuchi says:

    Dem legs dough😍😍😍💪💪💪😄😄😄

  2. Tim Mytton says:

    Hiya Carl, this is ace! A great run-down on what I find a very underrated song! Could you possibly do a run-down of Madness this year? I just can’t work out the last part. Thanks again for your work! Hopefully I’ll find some time to book a lesson with you to work that out at some point :).

    1. Carl John Franz says:

      Nice one Tim, I might do a part two at some point this video was a real pain to make today I was glad to get it out and finished 😀

  3. Ok not ok says:

    Pls can you react to Dimash, is AMAZING

  4. bugeyedmudafuka2 says:

    Super vid.Really enjoy these singer breakdowns and im not even a singer myself.Excellent analysis.

  5. mostly athena says:

    LOVE this breakdown, Carl! Matt Bellamy’s compression style tends to remind me a bit of early Bono/U2. Brilliant!

  6. Tommy Cox says:

    1st class! This is, in my opinion, the best break down I have seen! So relevant! Bellamy is my secret man crush…don’t tell the wife hey! I have been with Muse from the start, took my Daughter to 1st concert when she was 12…can’t say enough about him…piano, guitar, vocals, a great artist….and you Sir Carl, my coach!! ☆☆☆☆☆

    1. Carl John Franz says:

      yeah he’s legit the real deal, great to see artists like this earning a living still

  7. Tommy Cox says:

    We have answered the great ages old question! Boxers or briefs!!

  8. mostly athena says:

    U2, Adele, Lauren Daigle, Phil Wickham—a few of my favorite multi-compression singers… I also have several single compression artists I tend to emulate since I’ve not been able to effectively grasp multi-compression singing myself. As I have mentioned several times on your other videos, I do enjoy your channel very much and I’m learning a lot from you. Thank you, Carl!

    1. Carl John Franz says:

      Hey thanks Mostly, these are great singers you’ve mentioned many are my favourites!

  9. wessen666 says:

    so when you talk about compression you mean closure ?

    1. Carl John Franz says:

      yeah I should really be clearer and use them more accurately, I’m not to fussed about the terms it’s the demos that are more valuable to people.

  10. live2shredguy says:

    Please do a part 2 on his head voice

  11. Salem Alem says:

    Hi! Could you react to Dimash Kudaibergen from Kazakhstan? You will be shocked! He’s genius..unbelievable singer…

  12. Esko Elomaa says:

    I’ve been wondering about this before when watching your videos. When you’re talking about compression and cord closure, i get the feeling those terms overlap or aren’t clearly separated. I might as well be wrong but when I think about compression, I think of air compression. The more compression you produce, the more “faster” air flow you gain. And obviously your cords have to adjust to it and work to maintain cord closure…. Anyways, I’d like to hear whats your take on this. And to be clear, not criticising your content here. Just those terms are so often used in your channel.

    1. Esko Elomaa says:

      F uck me…. Made the comment somewhere around 10minutes, then at 19:30 you kinda answered it. Appreciated!

    2. Carl John Franz says:

      yes you’re right I mention it because really it’s kind of confusing, apologies xx

  13. John Smith says:

    Nice breakdown! I love how, you’re also demonstrating, you’re a legend!

  14. Rachel Gerrard says:

    Aw I love Matt and Muse, I saw them at Glastonbury and they blew me away.

    1. Carl John Franz says:

      hey Rachel, yeah dudes silly good really, piano / guitar / voice / songwriting etc… 😀

    2. Rachel Gerrard says:

      I know, he flitted from one instrument to another during the performance and was a virtuoso on each one.

  15. Samuel Novota says:

    LOL 6:10 – I was laughing hard :DDDDDDD

  16. Ахмет Хакимов says:

    I got one point. I would prefer to make position taller, more than wider for heavy compression in that area. Wider position is too bright, less dramatic and it locks you if you over compress the vowel. (I think you aren’t widening to the sides, but doing it in a vertical axis, some one might get confused, keep that in mind. Actually I heard it sometimes before in your voice, and learned to open in a more “gug” way.)
    Taller vowel position can be covered for narrow vowels with a tongue, gives a lot of space back in the throat, giving release feeling while using heavier compression, also resonation is more focused, stable, less shouty. Air is flowing, but it feels like it’s not. Also it’s really natural to bridge with taller vowels, as volume isn’t really rising, only the resonance is kinda goes away from speaking level. But you can do very light slides, that sounds beatyfull and messa di voce works really well.
    But I also use shouty wide position for some led zeppelin heavy rock scream stuff. and widen up for anything extra high C5+ cause you can’t get any lower frequencies there, so you can just bang it with brightness to sound fuller. And, you know, nothing cracks at C5+ that’s why I could sing C5 in the right way before A4) cause i didnt have idea to add that chest compression, when I needed to be wiser with resonances and air leaks.
    Thanks for video!

  17. Sotiris Roussis says:

    Another great analysis man. Matt’s compression level are so hard to be achieved i think. And after all these years, he still kills it. Yorke, i believe, has abandoned the heavy compressed vocals that he had before Kid a era and he is smoother(i guess lighter in compression and with less effort)than ever now. Love them both. I still believe that you can analyse something from Buckley..maybe mojo pin or some parts of grace. Cheer man ❤️ (sorry for my English)

  18. Cody Sturgeon says:

    Uh uh UUUHHH IT’S CLOSE TO MUM MUM MUM!!!!!!!??!!

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