Lucy Takes Singing Lessons (Lucille Ball, Hans Conried)

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Determined to join the Women’s Volunteer Fire Department’s barbershop quartet, Lucy enlists the aid of Professor Gitterman to teach her how to sing. Professor Gitterman is portrayed by I LOVE LUCY veteran character actor, Hans Conried, who once showed up to teach English to the Ricardos and Mertzes. He would reprise his role as Professor Gitterman the following season. THE LUCY SHOW, 1963; Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance, Hans Conried, Carole Cook, Dorothy Konrad.

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28 thoughts on “Lucy Takes Singing Lessons (Lucille Ball, Hans Conried)

  1. QuietusSnape says:

    Oh thank you so much, I love Hans Conried!

  2. lavendermagic84 says:

    I am so in love with Hans Conried’s scowl! 🙂 Thank you for posting this!

  3. DrAngel23 says:

    not only hook but the grinch, Dr.T, zax, horton, you get the picture. ^^

  4. steven1660 says:

    The official first season of The Lucy Show is being released on July 21st,

  5. chengloki says:

    Hey, Dr, don’t forget “Uncle Tenuse” on the old “Danny Thomas Show”.

  6. DrAngel23 says:

    oh yes i would never forgot all the great acting he did ^^

  7. KarolinaKayy says:

    I knew i recognized the voice!!!!!! lol

  8. Marta Gabrieli says:

    “Mlmlmlmlmlml whaooooo!” “… U Ugaaa!” Hahahaha 🙂 Why in Italy these
    series are unknows?

  9. MissStanwyck says:

    “I didn’t even know I had one!” LOL “Where do you breathe?” “Oh, anywhere I
    happen to be at the moment.” I absolutely LOVE this episode! ♥

  10. This is funny! ahahhas….waaaooo! Thks for posting!

  11. wundermum8 says:

    ooh gah, ooh gah! they sound like maori warriors. lol

  12. AMTProductionCo says:

    Lucy gets lessons from Captain Hook!

  13. I would have fun having singing lessons with him! He was a Awesome actor.

  14. Barry I. Grauman says:

    I believe Lucy and Hans did a similar scene on an episode of her radio
    series, “MY FAVORITE HUSBAND”, in 1950. Conried appeared several times on
    that show as “Liz Cooper’s” neighbor, and at least twice on “I LOVE LUCY”.
    He also did a similar scene, trying to teach “Stanley Belt” {Jerry Lewis}
    how to sing, in “The Patsy” (1964).

  15. rockcritic says:

    so missed, Happy 100 LUCY!!!!!!!!

  16. Noelle Johnson says:

    Why is he calling her Lucy Carmichael?

  17. Lydia Summerville says:

    5:13 Captain Hook comes alive!!! haha 🙂

  18. Barry I. Grauman says:

    …and appeared as other characters in various episodes, before he
    “permanently” became Uncle Tonoose in 1956 (Danny could always count on him
    to deliver “guaranteed” laughs).

  19. Carlo King says:

    I use to go to Hans house all the time with my dad

  20. Carlo King says:

    I use to go to Hans house all the time with my dad

  21. Storm Baca says:

    I do the same excersises and its really helps

  22. Daisy Chandler says:

    Breathing exercises are a good start, relaxing your body.

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