Louis Theroux gets a singing lesson – BBC

Discover all about Louis Theroux gets a singing lesson – BBC by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Louis Theroux gets a singing lesson – BBC.

Louis Theroux gets a singing lesson from a professional Musical Director. Funny free BBC video clip from Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekends.

41 thoughts on “Louis Theroux gets a singing lesson – BBC

  1. bendystr4w says:

    He’s a little out of tune, but he definitely doesn’t lack effort.

  2. He says, “…gonna die with a little help from my friends.” Hilarious. I’m
    pretty sure he did that on purpose right?

  3. mynamekeisha says:

    LMAO louis. so so so so cute!!!!! I want to marry him so bad ha ha

  4. mynamekeisha says:

    No way! Louis is everything youre not: AWESOME!

  5. flakelorenz02 says:

    It was what would you do if I sang out of key would you stand up and walk
    out on me…

  6. BeatleJuice says:

    I am so gonna marry that guy.. 😀

  7. Leo Humphries says:

    it’s what would you think if i sang out of tune in the original beatles

  8. “I don’t think at this moment in your career you are a singing power
    house…” he is really thinking who the heck is this nerdy time waster with
    a weird accent f*&@ing around in my class? Louis RULES !!! XDD

  9. ChickenOnTheRoof says:

    this sounds weird , but i totally LOVE Louis , im not quite sure why but he
    is just so nerdy and cute!! anyone else??

  10. superchimpunk says:

    Yes! I don’t know what it is about him…he’s sexy

  11. Simon Finch says:

    That’s Ron Melrose!! He’s the the US Musical Supervisor for Jersey Boys –
    The Musical!!! OMG!

  12. Not a bad singer really. Better than me!

  13. but the thing is, he is actually a really good singer lol

  14. puppetless says:

    I’m gonna die with a little help from my friends. Lol.

  15. Peace4President says:

    Ironic but Louis reminds me a bit of Lennon.

  16. velocitygirl07 says:

    Does anyone know what episode of Weird Weekends this clip is from?

  17. Paulo Abelha says:

    Off-Off-Broadway from Weird Weekends.

  18. Jill Hardacre says:

    @samkeskin Who doesn’t? 🙂

  19. Tisha Markley says:

    rofl I love this man and I died laughing.

  20. “Ohhh gonna die with a little help from my friends”

  21. @ChickenOnTheRoof I’m developing a proper crush on him…scaryy!

  22. MOONSTAR 313 says:

    haah he is such a piss taker,he doesn’t give a shit hahah love it!

  23. Andrea Gutierrez Mesegue says:

    hahaha i looooove him

  24. beatlesubmarine says:

    watching him struggle…it’s soo painful DX

  25. I kinda agree with you, and I’m a man

  26. Ace Alderman says:

    Aww, I miss the old Louis stuff 🙁

  27. thihal123 says:

    How does he dead pan so well? I wish I were less animated and revealing!

  28. リンコンジョセフ says:

    this one was my favourite episode from the first series

  29. “gonna die with a little help from me friends.” kek’d hard m8

  30. wednesdaythewitch says:

    He’s so adorable. He always sings the same songs, throughout this series, I
    noticed. Faith, Karma Chameleon and Space Oddity.

  31. Melissa Manning says:

    Instead, there are simple muscle adjustments that need to happen in order to relax areas that naturally change because of how the vocal cords are designed to function without strain.

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