Lorde – Royals: How to Sing w/ Valerie Etienne (Jamiroquai, Placebo, Bryan Ferry)

Discover all about Lorde – Royals: How to Sing w/ Valerie Etienne (Jamiroquai, Placebo, Bryan Ferry) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Lorde – Royals: How to Sing w/ Valerie Etienne (Jamiroquai, Placebo, Bryan Ferry).

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PB Lead Course Developer Ski Oakenfull and vocalist Valerie Etienne break down how to sing each part of Lorde’s smash hit ‘Royals’.

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30 thoughts on “Lorde – Royals: How to Sing w/ Valerie Etienne (Jamiroquai, Placebo, Bryan Ferry)

  1. Akshay Lakkundi says:

    instead of taking many takes in different voices, why not pitch the same
    sample as a unique one, by desired semitones up?

  2. walter white says:

    great session…amazing singer!!!!

  3. really like how you visualised this. well done! Val’s voice is pure
    cream… Loved this version. Not the biggest fan of the song, but huge fan
    of the message. Thanks PB

  4. LukeBass1000 says:

    Awesome session! Also, 11:43 the “let’s do that one again” face :D

  5. Brandon Peralta says:

    Great tutorial, I love your channel guys! I have a question about mic

    I’ve seen some people use tube mics vertically as you have in this video,
    and I’ve also seen people suspend them upside down to avoid problems with
    “warmth?” . what is your take on this and what would you recommend?

  6. Joe Rigodon says:

    The singer’s a real pro. Just wow. I’m amazed how fast the session went.

  7. I already know how to sing like Lorde. You just sing: “I am Lorde, Ya Ya
    Ya” then add some auto-tuning and voila!

  8. ninjafukwan7 says:

    killer voice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. icarusdjr says:

    Holy crap, she is so good! Bravo!

  10. Stuart Crofts says:

    Loved watching that. Bacoooooooo wrap!

  11. Julien June Misserey says:

    Both huuuuge artists, glad to see them today playing with this !

  12. GARY MURWAY says:

    what make and model is the mic?

  13. Hahaha!!! You make it look so easy! This is unreal!!!! :)

  14. Brandon Fucello says:

    Great voice, awesome edit and mix!

  15. i would really dig a laid back jazzy/bluesey remix thing with some guitar
    or rhodes virtuosity

  16. Elijah Lucian says:

    oh god. vocal production in ableton? sucks.

  17. Elijah Lucian says:

    ahhh. her voice is tuned during the recording and lip synced. lol. Cool
    video tho. Would rather see all that goes into the process

  18. Daniele Anzanello says:

    Hi guys , Which preamp was used for tracking her voice? Thanks for the
    video !

  19. Many are the people with difficulties singing on key who have even come to believe they are tone deaf.

  20. Robert Holland says:

    Alison knows how it feels to be a performer, to practice and to take the steps towards improving your voice.

  21. Avery Morrison says:

    They are available and wow the children and you’ll take an image with these in style characters.

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