Let’s Learn Estonian Episode 7 “Learn how to sing Happy Birthday song in Estonian and more”

Discover all about Let’s Learn Estonian Episode 7 “Learn how to sing Happy Birthday song in Estonian and more” by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Let’s Learn Estonian Episode 7 “Learn how to sing Happy Birthday song in Estonian and more”.

Hello everybody!

Hope you’re doing well!

In this lesson we’ll be learning a bit about Estonian birtday culture, we’ll be also learning how to wish someone Happy Birthday and also how to sing the Birthday song in Esotnian.

Hope you like this lesson!

Little Miss Squirrel 🙂

54 thoughts on “Let’s Learn Estonian Episode 7 “Learn how to sing Happy Birthday song in Estonian and more”

  1. Headshot xXxX says:

    so few people speak Estonian…not worth my time

  2. Kramazoid says:

    Hi I’m a big fan of yours all the way from New Zealand and I’m now in a relationship with an ilus eesti printsess. 😀 I’m learning off her every so often but your videos are providing great little insights on the culture and also giving me cool little phrases and words to say to her. I think it would be nice to see some romantic gestures up if you have the time 😀 (Valentines special? lol) PS, I’m looking forward to visiting Eesti Sometime soon. Keep up the awesome work

  3. Terviseks100 says:

    Hello, my father and his parents were Estonian, but I never learned the language so I am trying to learn it to get in touch with my roots. Is this the last language video? Will you be doing more?

  4. Melissa V says:

    Palju õnne kallis somebody! see oli nii armas 😀

  5. Hegert Toomsoo says:

    Ma vaatan Su videosid juba ainuüksi Su välimuse ja hääle pärast. Super 😀

  6. Or as my English speaking friends call it “that glue song” (elagu)

  7. Susanna Stern says:

    Hi, we loved your video about how to sing Happy Birthday in Estonian. For International Night at our elementary school, a group of kids are singing Intsy Weensy Spider in different languages. One girl has grandparents from Estonia and wants to sing that song in Estonian. Is there a version of it? Thanks!

  8. MultiSuperllama says:

    I plan to spend my 18th in Estonia ^-^

  9. ThatReginator says:

    Palju õnne kallis somebody!

    Haha, that cracked me up!

  10. mike graham says:

    Hi thanks for the lessons! I just moved from northern England to my friends in the middle of the countryside in estonia. I dont think english exsists here so the pressure is on if i wanna socialise again:)

    1. Emily Anete says:

      I’m estonian, english isn’t used that much in estonia but i’m sure that there is a bunch of people who speak english enough to at least guide the way (if you need of course) more than half of estonian schools teach kids english (more british) so if you ever need help ther’s lots of people to help you 🙂

    2. Little Miss Squirrel says:

      You will def be able to find some people who speak english well 🙂 and i hope that my videos are helpful for the studies 🙂 

    3. mike graham says:

      Thanks yeah my friends kids speak better English than me to be honest and they’re estonian 🙂 its not all bad though im picking up little bits that are important and will surely get there eventually although all these saunas might beat me first 🙂

  11. peter shaw says:

    my mother taught me Estonian but I hadn’t spoke it for years ! We left when the Communists invaded for the second time in 44 and lived in Germany in an Estonian camp in Geislingen from where we emigrated to Australia !

    there is an Estonian Club right here in Sydney where they hold cultural events
    this video brought it all back to me especially the tone of the language !

    I recently learned that Estonia has one of the highest standards of Education in the World – my mother spoke Russian , German learned English  and of course her native Estonian

    I am going to follow you  little squirrel and re-acquaint my self with my mother tongue or is it father – what ever

    so sur tanu is that right !

  12. sealectro says:

    You’re a gifted teacher. I am enjoying learning eesti from your fantastic videos. I would like to visit your country some day, best wishes for a great future.

  13. OMG FOREVER ALONE!!!!!! LOL nice video greetings from Suriname

  14. Péter Iváncsics says:

    i’ve seen a comment that u look like taylor swift…i say no ’cause u way way better than she 😉  sa oled ilus

  15. Slug Slugson says:

    Su Inglise keel on päris hea 😉

  16. I love Estonian! Well done, Little Miss Squirrel! I love languages, thats why I’m sharing languages too, so if you want to learn Romanian, then watch my videos too! Pop down!

  17. BondsVesper says:

    I can’t handle your cuteness. x)

  18. Peter Baik says:

    이 아가씨 정말 사랑에 빠질 만큼 이뻐요….!!!!! 😂

    1. Peter Baik says:

      ????? please tell me why? you are calling me an ugly Korean…. First I am not Korean to start with, and calling prejudice comments on such matter is truly racial……

  19. Edward Chalgren says:

    Let’s Learn Estonian Episode 7 “Learn how to sing Happy Birthday song in Estonian and more”

  20. Im estonian😇U speak estonia perfect !!👍🏼👍🏼Good job !

  21. I thought ilusat means happy, like if you say ilusat synnipäev it would mean happy birthday

    1. Maybe it’s just because I speak finnish and the word for happy is iloinen, which is similar to ilusat 😀

    2. Sorry if meant sunnipäeva, I can’t put the u with the dots on on my phone 🙁

    3. Little Miss Squirrel says:

      +Marika Yes, it is a bit different in Estonian. Ilus- beautiful, õnn- happiness, so using these roots it’s easy to see the differences.

  22. Miss Understood says:

    Doesn’t it mean you’re not getting merried this year(when the cake falls on the side)

  23. Tere. My first language is swedish but I also speak Finnish (not perfect) and English..
    Is the estonian D a T?? or something between a T and D?

    1. Little Miss Squirrel says:

      +Idellle we have d t tt if you have a look at my alphabet video u can head how d and t are pronounced 😀

  24. Оксана Логинова says:

    you are wonderfull!!!Thank you so much for your work!!))

  25. Steven Wijaya says:

    #say a prayer:
    God, I wanna have a girlfriend like Miss Squirrel when my study begin next year in Tallin, amin! 😤

  26. Green Space Dorito *.* says:

    I’m finnish trying to learn estonian, and so far it’s been really easy since they are both finnic languages and soun bery similar!

  27. we also sing “palju õnne sulle, palju õnne sulle, palju õnne kallis ****, palju õnne sulle”

  28. Berlyka Sepp says:

    that moment when you are estonian but you are so lost that you need to learn Estonian again

    1. Little Miss Squirrel says:

      hahaha… I hope the video helped 😀

  29. peejay1954 says:

    Mis juhtus “Sa Ela Ku” ? Se on mis meie olinud opitanud kui ma olin noor mees. (Ma on ValisEestlane, NJ Ameerika’s)

  30. emmett stone says:

    What’s the difference between ‘kook’ and ‘tort’

    1. Fizzy Armadon says:

      Kook is just an ordinary cake but tort is a fancy and beautiful cake I think

  31. Wolfygamers says:

    Im allready estonian I Speak Estonia I can say I am estonian right now ma olen eestlane see

  32. カズラリライアン says:

    How can I ask how old a person is?

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