Learn Welsh with Will Ep8: How to sing “Happy birthday to you” in Welsh

Discover all about Learn Welsh with Will Ep8: How to sing “Happy birthday to you” in Welsh by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Learn Welsh with Will Ep8: How to sing “Happy birthday to you” in Welsh.

Singing “Happy birthday to you” in Welsh is easy to do, and always handy to know on those festive birthday occasions. In this episode of “Learning Welsh with Will”, Will shows you exactly how to do it and offers a handy little pronunciation hint for the scary looking word “Penblwydd”

21 thoughts on “Learn Welsh with Will Ep8: How to sing “Happy birthday to you” in Welsh

  1. RobCharles1981 says:

    Nice Iawn Bill thanks for this! :o)

  2. Eggnogonthebog Productions says:

    Well explained. Penblwydd hapus Will.

  3. The Meejah Channel says:

    I’ll see what I can do next time with the “How are you feeling” question in
    Welsh Rob :)

  4. Going to sing this to my welsh gran for her birthday today, thank you so so

  5. John Plissken says:

    Please, more videos! This series is a phenomenal help to me and hopefully

  6. Diolch Will, I love your videos! I hope you’ll make more, soon!

  7. This is very well put together 🙂 great work

  8. Joseph Madawela says:

    Your series of videos on Welsh is fantastic! I was listening to the welsh
    hymn “Rho im yr hedd” sung by
    Stuart Burrows.Your videos helped me with the pronunciation. Thanks!

  9. Erin Gibbs says:

    Love it! Thanks for the easy to follow tutorial! It’s been too many years
    since I heard Happy Birthday in Welsh!

  10. Hello! For feminine names is the word “anwyl” used in the same form? I
    mean, are there feminine and masculine forms of adjectives in Welsh? Like
    in French – cher (m), chère (f). Thank you.

  11. Louiza Belilet says:

    The words that are a little longer with more vowels/ consonants are harder
    to remember for me, but then one time I tried to remember the song to sing
    Happy Birthday and I thought what is the first word again damn I forgot it
    but then I remembered “Pen+Blue+With” muchhhhhh easier to remember ! I’m
    gonna try using this technique from now on! thank you ^^ I hope you’re
    gonna keep making these videos, really helped me learn my welsh
    interactively 🙂 By the way, I’m just curious since your pronounciation is
    really good but you are learning Welsh so where are you from ? :)

  12. Gwion Iorweth Lloyd says:

    hello will dwindling yn Cymraeg

  13. It is up to the singer to be taught from and embrace the good and the unhealthy that comes with sharing his or her voice with the world.

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