Learn to Sing Raga Yaman, Online Indian Classical Lesson by Nishant Akshar for Beginers

Discover all about Learn to Sing Raga Yaman, Online Indian Classical Lesson by Nishant Akshar for Beginers by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Learn to Sing Raga Yaman, Online Indian Classical Lesson by Nishant Akshar for Beginers.

Raga Yaman – A Brief Introduction

Yaman involves all the 7 notes with ‘tivr’ (sharp note) Madhyam and therefore known as a heptatonic (Sampurna) Hindustani Classical raga of Kalyan Thaat.

Yaman belongs from Kalyan Thaat.

Yaman can be sung at any point of time however it is particularly rendered during the evening.

This video includes the basic understanding of the notes used in Raag Yaman and bandish ‘Tori Re Bansuriya Jaadu Bhari’

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43 thoughts on “Learn to Sing Raga Yaman, Online Indian Classical Lesson by Nishant Akshar for Beginers

  1. Paras Rathore says:

    I don’t understand that who are the great persons who do Hit dislike on
    such kind of informative videos… This is a tutorial worth million
    dollars.. People should feel lucky that they are getting such information
    siiting at home that too free of cost!!!!!!

  2. Dusi shivram says:

    thank you very much , please do keep posting ,

  3. keytaar keytaar says:

    Your work and effort is very much appreciated. Thank you.

  4. bschandla says:

    very good elaborating lession Sir

  5. Bashir Cheema says:

    Sir, I truly appreciate your passion and method sharing this valueable
    knowledge that you possess. God bless you

  6. Sarita Panemangalore says:

    Thank you sir – for this beautiful demonstration and practical instruction
    of this beautiful raga.

  7. Abuhasan Sheikh says:

    Sir very nice and detailed explanation clearly with full demonstration.
    Really Loved it sir. My true respect to you. Thank you sir.

  8. Avijit Sharma says:

    Sir U R The best…….Thank you very much for this…..god bless you

  9. CutePokapipi says:

    Nishant Sahib I cannot tell you how happy and blessed I feel to be your
    invisible student.. I do not have access to any teacher because I am in
    istanbul (originally from lahore Pakistan) but my heart misses the
    classical music so much that my heart aches. Thank you so much Ustad ji!

  10. pooja hetamsaria says:

    thank u..nishant sir….pls upload more raagas..lyk.desh..malkauns…I m a
    beginner..and lyked ur way if teaching

  11. Arlos Anderson says:

    Thankyou for these invaluable lessons. My heart bursts.

  12. Anil Gupta says:

    plz give notes by this raaga sir ji

  13. subra raj says:

    sir it was a superb training from you,hope to contact you soon

  14. Saleem Khan says:

    good, i like it. and will do it

  15. pakad of this raga as taught to us at Ajivasan is ni re gmp,pmrg,re ni re

  16. binod lama says:

    Great lesson sir. But the background music is little high and bit
    distracting. Only if music was little soft.

  17. Venus Vavadiya says:

    Awesome sir..
    I really liked this video..

    One suggestion sir, I feel that tanpura is somewhat louder..

  18. sir I know this raaga because I have learnt carnatic .. but I face problems
    with respect to aalapana my mind becomes blank .. how many years does it
    take to master aalapana

  19. Upgrade Old Printers says:

    very nice …thanks sir

  20. Mukul & Ghetto Tigers says:

    excellent method…thanks

  21. Lajwanti Shahani says:

    Pranam and thank you! I’m extremely happy to have found your channel with
    excellent lessons and explanation, as I had begun learning classical
    singing years ago with Raga Yaman but had to give it up for further
    education. My Guruma was trained in the Gwalior and Jaipur Gharana. Would
    love to pick it up again now but there is no guruji in the area where I
    live; will begin by doing daily riyaaz with your videos. Namaskar.

  22. Saurhin Parikh says:

    thank you for the wonderful explanation…superb

  23. Vivek Sheshadri says:

    Enjoying your lessons sir.very clear ideas.Looking forward more from you
    sir.you are blessed to have such a voice. These lessons are very useful for
    persons like me,who is very passionate about Hindusthani music. My pranams
    to you sir.

  24. Vinay Beenu says:

    Nice English but not Proper notes of Raga Yaman..U should practice reaaz as
    well..Shud Swaar

  25. Devika Rani says:

    who can give me notation of this raga? please (in hindi is ok)

  26. Harry Attri says:

    There are several other teachers offering lessons etc.but Nishant is the
    best and very easy to understand. Thanks for posting this video.

  27. brijanand sharma Ghoorun says:

    i am a beginner. i am looking for a gentle start. do you give teachings on

  28. Preeti Saluja says:

    Beautiful sir….. Keep guiding

  29. Preeti Saluja says:

    U r really a selfless kind soul

  30. Feroz Noble Khan Jobs II says:

    Love it keep it up sir

  31. Youvraj Malhotra says:

    very nice video. Thanks A Lot for this lesson

  32. Youvraj Malhotra says:

    You have nice way of teaching

  33. Vishal Malhotra says:

    Great sir…….amazing nothing can be better

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  35. Jocelyn Copeland says:

    I hear this one a lot, the answer is no, singing lessons will not change your voice (tone), but they will give you a more versatile voice, with more tones that you can just switch on and off at will.

  36. Briana Valentine says:

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