Learn to sing like Katy Perry – Firework

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Learn to sing like Katy Perry – Firework

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In this video, you will learn hot to sing Katy Perry’s Firework. In particularly I demonstrate a technique used in a lot of pop singing, but especially in female singers who like to belt. This quality is called ‘twang’ and when used properly helps to bring power and strength in the voice without breaking it.

I also demonstrate how she builds up the pre-chorus dynamically, making a very effective crescendo into the Chorus.

In the Chorus, I highlight how to and the importance of diaphragm support and the proper use of the ‘glottal attack’

44 thoughts on “Learn to sing like Katy Perry – Firework

  1. ZachMiddleton10567 says:

    Ok i know i sound crazy but in some sort of mirace do you have free online
    skype lessons?

  2. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    sorry I do charge for my lessons. more info at my website.

  3. Queen-Of-Hell says:

    I’m soooo glad a saw this cos I’m singing this song for my bugsy malone
    audition on Wednesday and I need to no how to sing really good for the song
    and this helped thankyou sooo much 🙂

  4. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Really glad to have helped you, let me know how you go on your audition.
    Good luck!

  5. Can you do how to sing Ariana Grandes The Way?

  6. wowBeatrizwow says:

    can u do a video like this but to sing a kpop song

  7. zeynep deniz güvenol says:

    I cant sing loud. our flatmates -,-

  8. YannSze w says:

    You say really good! I wonder how you sing with power? 🙂

  9. JulzMusic says:

    Hey! I really enjoyed your videos and it’s nice to hear a relatable aussie
    accent 🙂 I personally REALLY struggle with projection or ‘forwardness’ all
    of the examples you gave where you were quite gentle or ‘acoustic’ i find
    that I ‘ALWAYS’ do this…. I would LOVE to know some vocal exercises to
    improve projection! 🙂 Subscribed!!!

  10. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Glad you enjoy the videos and for subscribin, Julzmusic!


    Can you do a video of how to sing Made In The USA by Demi Lovato?

  12. Nicole Jackson says:

    wow because of you i can sing this song really good now

  13. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    Glad to hear that 🙂

  14. Jacy Olivares says:

    Thanks for the great video! I know this is a particularly easy song, but
    can you please teach how to sing Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol? I’m going to
    sing it in a recital soon and I just want to improve my performance of the

  15. Jasmine Collins (Brooklyn) says:

    do 1 of made in usa by demi lovato pls

  16. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    +Nikolee Jackson So glad to hear that Nikolee!

  17. xxαทα нєℓєทα ρrαταxx says:

    waw ,is need verry much work , i normaly just sing

  18. Ed Forbes says:

    just discovered this. this is amazing.
    gonna keep watching

  19. SingingSisters101 says:

    WOW, this helped alot! But can you maybe make a video on how to sing
    “American Honey” by Lady A? Thank you!


  21. Pan-Tastique says:

    Could you perhaps do a video on how to sing “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel

  22. TsaiChin Wu says:

    Does this just mean use more chest voice? 

  23. agsunny7m says:

    I just found you and you’re awesome. You give awesome tips and I hope to
    improve my singing!!!

  24. Eleonore Dupres says:

    you give so much great tip! franckly! again, i wish you a huge success,

  25. Fatih İnci says:

    Kerri thanks for videos 🙂 

  26. Fatih İnci says:

    Can you teach ‘Titanium’ ? plss how to sing?

  27. MiaSanEuphoria1993 says:

    Just watched your Video!! And your Tips are great. I also like to sing but
    I am not soo good. I need to practice a lot more. But yeah thx for this
    Video. It will help a lot!!

  28. Klaus Geltl says:

    WOW thanks, this is so enlightening!! I’ve tried for so long to sing this
    song ‘pretty and appealing’ to people, and now I get the idea that’s why I
    sound so (at least to myself) frustratingly boring. It’ll be hard for me to
    get into this but I must try! – I need tuition for Unconditionally, too, in
    that chorus I drop the notes like autumn leaves when I should hold them up

  29. Brave Lovatic says:

    OMG awsome.how do you hit the high notes?☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊☺️😊

  30. maiphuong nguyen says:

    Imagine this vocal coach go to the voice or something like that … she
    would just win the whole lot of it…
    Umm kerri why dont u try the voice .. i’ll be the first one to vote like

  31. Manuka Krolikowski says:

    Thank you. This has helped me improve my singing.

  32. The Songbird Tree Kerri Ho says:

    #LearnToSing #KatyPerry #HowToSing

    Learn to sing like Katy Perry – Firework

  33. Sophie Cartwright says:

    thank you for this video as it has helped me as I am in a finals of a
    talent shoe, for me singing. as I am singing fireworks, thank you as I also
    seemed to suddenly go high pitched as I couldn’t keep it a low pitch. thank
    you xx

  34. Garrett Guitar says:

    you look pretty.

    Nice vid. I was looking for videos to help my singing and saw this.
    Honestly not a katy perry fan. And my voice is lower (just a wee bit,
    heheh). But I still liked watching this.

  35. The Mesh Warrior says:

    These comparisons are very, very helpful. I don’t really enjoy Katy Perry’s
    vocal style, but I enjoyed learning about how to hear the difference and
    the twang she employs in her singing. Great stuff! Thank you!

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