Learn To Sing Like ADAM LEVINE – Mixed Voice Singing Lesson

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Learn To Sing Like Adam Levine – Mixed Voice Singing Lesson
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In this video I demonstrate the signature “mix voice” or “tilted thyroid” vocal sound used by Adam Levine of Maroon 5. I’ll show you some exercises and explain how to sing like Adam Levine, and how to start working towards getting his same clear, high, powerful vocal sound.

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41 thoughts on “Learn To Sing Like ADAM LEVINE – Mixed Voice Singing Lesson

  1. francis ramos says:

    I don’t know why I’m laughing :)) HAHAHA But thank you david! 😀 It helps
    me alot!

  2. rockysikander says:

    HELP ME ! ! ! !
    ANYBODY ! ! !
    when i do the monkey squeak as he instructed in arpeggios and then i try to
    sing it sounds as if someone has got a hold of my throat and sound is
    narrow and when i sing through belt it sound TOO LOUD ! ! !
    what a dilemma man , i just want to sing alone and be happy , why cant i
    sing high and just not loud and uncomfortable .

  3. Daniele Brambilla says:

    I mean, this is super useful, but when I go up there instead of a G4 I hit
    a G5… How can this be possible?

  4. Justin Metcalfe says:

    Im a guy and I can belt a A5 and then I have a couple of falsetoes then my
    whistle registry which is two notes below Mariah. I have never worked
    myself up to the whistle registry I just have always been able to do it

  5. Narek Martirosyan says:

    are you hungry? someone give him a food

  6. Datniceman says:

    You could just use helium gas you know…

  7. Kristopharaoh Films says:

    so after you do that duck/monkey sound “AH A H,” do we just apply that
    same feeling of “the Monkey AH AH” to our normal singing voice when hitting
    those notes or use the same “monkey” tone thing? So it’s just for practice
    to engage muscle memory.

  8. Patrick Neavin (PSkitt82) says:

    Daylight is one word, two syllables :-)

  9. AladdinSings says:

    i give up. my voice cracks all the time this is too hard for me

  10. SingLikeLions says:

    Why would you want to sound like him?? Hideous voice 

  11. BurnzBoyzProductionz says:

    So i found my mix for the first time the other day. However, it’s kind of
    crackly and not really usable. Is this normal and how do i fix it?

  12. drummerjstone says:

    Omg this really works, thank you so much man that Ah Ah with my mouth open
    wide really works that specific muscle in the throat needed to build a
    controlled mixed voice and hit notes confidently. Appreciate the exercise!

  13. Acinomyx2693 says:

    I thought he was training a parrot

  14. Sorry I'm Late says:

    Are you the failed version of Caption America ?
    ( I mean not the bad version, but very alike to him , ha ha )

  15. stebolian says:

    Thankyou. Very helpful, i always think adam levine has a similar voice to
    franky valley
    I want to know how come my range in falsetto is limited as i struggle with
    that song he sings
    Called sugar, some of my non singing friends can even sing that song in
    falsetto higher than mine, helppppp im a singer and thats not fair
    Is it genetics 

  16. Rob Flores says:

    It’s hard to sing like adam when you’re a bari. His speaking voice tonality
    is really close to his singing voice tone.

  17. Kenshi Adkins (THELazerchicken) says:

    This made me scared to sing. Thanks

  18. Mistaken Oficial says:

    hahahah the intro was so epic yeah!

  19. Nick Williams says:

    anyone watching this in november 2015 ?

  20. daniel ferreira says:

    oh lear to sing like ADAM LAMBERT please

  21. Christopher Phillips says:

    I think my problem with this stacatto exercise is I can feel a grip in my
    throat. I can do it but it sounds Squuueeezed and distorted to the max — a
    spongebob effect but SQUEEEZED! Kinda like getting the last part of a
    toothpaste bottle. I touch my throat and man, the larynx (adams apple area)
    is not movable left and right. So I think My problem is I was trying to
    copy your Ah sound, so my body jammed up the larynx to the max to get cord
    compression. I can do this but I have NO control. I tried to relax a bit
    but I ended up focusing on mimicking this sound you did. I think its
    because my voice tone is deeper than yours when its relaxed or something.
    When i did the staccato ah in my regular relaxed voice (no grip in the
    throat… Freely as possible… I can move my larynx muscles left and right
    with my hand and monitoring if it goes up…) I was able to do it in my
    regular tone NOT distorted. It did not feel like falsetto with no-air
    anymore (some people call this pure head voice). :)

  22. kunto wibisono says:

    a a a a a a a a, i want to write this on the comment post, but i hear it
    that you say you like monkey. LOL

  23. hor jeremy says:

    It’s simple for me….

    Just sing

  24. Ishan Ghimire says:

    I think from this video we may sound like a parrot not Adam :v LOL

  25. Lawrence Gibbs says:

    tbh it might be your face…chest..voice😅 or your beard, personality in
    teaching or enjoyable video description…but I think I want to use your
    videos more to start taking my voice practice more seriously ^-^

  26. Why would anyone want to sing Adam Levine?

  27. Joshua Mapson says:

    I always sing Adam Levine’s songs because my voice is more comfortable
    hitting those notes. you definitely helped with using a mixed voice because
    I was wondering how to hit some of his notes without sounding like I was
    straining my voice or having it sound too light.

  28. you’re the hottest vocal teacher i ever seen 😀 i can do mixed easly :D

  29. @daviddimuziolessons vocal register you are?

  30. kyary pamyu pamyu says:

    This Helped me. You Just Got A Subscriber :P

  31. Idk if I am doing it right lol when I try it, I start coughing because it
    tickles my through xD

  32. Cody Whalen says:

    interesting video,I have seen another guy doing this exercise but with the
    tongue all the way out 🙂 , this staccato sound apparently strengthens the
    pharyngeal resonance which helps with the mixed voice,but I have a
    question,is this exercise will help with belting as well? cause I noticed I
    was able to sing the chorus and intro of the song LOCKED OUT OF HEAVEN by
    bruno mars,now as a beginner its quite hard for me,and I was straining a
    little but it didn’t really hurt that much like it used to. now back to my
    question , if I wanna do this exercise for belting do i just do the
    staccato sound louder like belting to strengthen my belting muscles?

  33. Melissa Suarez says:

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