Learn To Sing From The Diaphragm

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As a voice coach, I get asked all the time “How do I learn to sing from the diaphragm?” So in order to help you out, I put together one of my online singing classes that talks about it.

I hope this helps ­čÖé


41 thoughts on “Learn To Sing From The Diaphragm

  1. Hi Eric . Just answer me please in YES or NO if you donÔÇÖt have time . What
    is pull your diaphragm down when singing . Is it working when you are
    putting your both hands on your waist and breath three ways or are you
    showing in this video ? ´╗┐

  2. VictorNguyens says:

    hey man thanks a lot! ive watched a bunch of other videos and this one is
    really in depth and helpful information! im gonna try these and hopefully
    get better! cheers!´╗┐

  3. Sai Keshav says:

    Lol…. how can people dislike such great videos? i think aliens are alive
    on earth..i hav to call nasa :P´╗┐

  4. Sarah-Ann Fam says:

    dis really works i hav a cold n counld breath proberly througgh my nose but
    now i can breath perfectly.oh n do u hav a video about breathing while sing
    cause i got my first solo at church soon´╗┐

  5. Clement Moraschi says:

    dude, all races are good at singing if they work at it. Just good at
    singing in different ways /watch?v=Ipem2SFtBEI /watch?v=I8A61eY1Efg ´╗┐

  6. Nikola Mijic says:

    hahahah superman breath… LOL ´╗┐

  7. svvitchblade47 says:

    This video is the best vocal instruction video I have ever seen. Just
    wanted to give props to this dude for making an educational, yet sick
    video. I will share this with many. They all must see.´╗┐

  8. JR Simmons says:

    Thanks for the great advice. I like the way you explain things and I
    understand the breathing from the diaphram concept better.´╗┐

  9. Sharath Ram says:

    thanks eric, that was really helpful ´╗┐

  10. justntime419 says:

    awesome lesson Eric. I noticed the difference. I need to know how to use
    the diaphragm probably my whole life…thanks…you’re the man. Eric Lenoar
    – Detroit, MI´╗┐

  11. Hamdija Mešanović says:

    Im to fat?!?!?? cant squeeze my stomach :-)´╗┐

  12. Fenderbenderbengt says:

    This is gold! Thanks! ´╗┐

  13. IdiosoAmericano says:

    I happen to a Alien, we are pretty big on R&B and ironically Thrash Metal.´╗┐

  14. Collie Mckenzie says:

    Hi, how are you doing today? i do hope all is well with you. Very excellent
    video and keep up the wonderful working!´╗┐

  15. Apoorv Salar says:

    It’s surprising how Blacks sing the best!!!´╗┐

  16. Randall Parks says:

    ZOMG, not to be racist at all, but that’s completely true!´╗┐

  17. Shaun Ogden says:

    I hate it when people say blacks and whites when refering to race. It
    sounds kinda derogatory to me.. :- /´╗┐

  18. queen sheeba says:

    Your voice is like perfect and then mine is all…..:'( :'( :'(´╗┐

  19. Roy Pi├▒on says:

    if you are going to believe that you can’t better leave his channel and
    never come back. Otherwise, stay and practice everyday. It’s for like us
    that he made this video. good guy Eric´╗┐

  20. SlimByFaith says:

    Why is it surprising? All of the wonderful gifts that we humans were born
    with were given to us by God. There are many horrible, derogatory things
    said about black people on a daily basis in our country. But has anyone
    ever thought about why God has endowed this group of people with such
    beautiful voices? Food for thought. Life is full of hidden secrets. Hidden
    in plain sight. Many things aren’t the way you were brought up to believe
    that they are. Open your eyes, and then open your heart. ­čÖé ´╗┐

  21. DuncansInfo says:

    I’m a cat watching this video .:) Meeeeoooow´╗┐

  22. diggitydazz11 says:

    how is it supposed to said?´╗┐

  23. Omari Milano says:

    where are you..i need a vocal coach´╗┐

  24. thanks a lot, I was learning right breathing technique before, but human
    being always forget how to do it right ­čśÇ so it helped me to breathe again
    in the right way. Yosh! :)´╗┐

  25. Alexander pettersen fredheim says:

    So you use the 360 breath also to support your voice ? did i get that right

  26. Mona Rowe says:

    Every day I watch and am interested in something new on you tube. True´╗┐

  27. Nick Taylor says:

    So u lead with your diaphragm´╗┐

  28. sharondah46 says:

    I’m a gorilla lol jk nice video´╗┐

  29. Tyler Davis says:

    PLEASE RESPOND SOON I’ve watched your videos on singing high and singing
    from the diaphragm and breathing and i take lessons but I always push and
    sound breathy when i sing high and i need to know what i can do to stop.
    also if most guys have the same breaking point as others how can most sing
    higher than that breaking point in their chest voice without pushing? I
    cant open my throat when i sing and i just cant get the mixed voice PLEASE
    HELP!!! also please post a vid on singing maturely.´╗┐

  30. Peekabear432 says:

    Hi! Please help. I wanna be in the music industry and i don’t do music in
    school so i don’t know the notes…. but i’m moving to music next year. My
    problem is when i look at professionals singing on youtube their voice
    sound smooth, loose and flows freely. but i’m always blocked and it feels
    rough and strained. how can i help it “flow freely” smooth and “loose”?
    Please help.´╗┐

  31. Lib Stars says:

    thank that really helped me ­čÖé ´╗┐

  32. wow, very educational, thank you very much!´╗┐

  33. Prashanta Singh says:

    eric thanku sooo much´╗┐

  34. Metal Covers says:

    Hey man I’m learning how to do death metal vocals but I can’t seem to get a
    grip of it, they say do a angry sigh sound how would I achieve this?´╗┐

  35. nelly loss says:

    i dont know how to sing i wish you were here and be my teacher im AWFUL at
    singing! i will upload in a week a video that i sing and you can see how
    awful i am and if you can help me Please´╗┐

  36. The course itself is in structured in 28 easy to follow lessons (plus bonuses) which takes just 15 minutes a day which you do via your laptop.

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