Learn To Sing – Clean Vocal Attack

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Learn To Sing – Clean Vocal Attack

Every week we give away free video vocal tips to our newsletter subscribers. In this tip, Jesse talks about how to achieve a clean attack when hitting your notes.

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40 thoughts on “Learn To Sing – Clean Vocal Attack

  1. jacob averbookh says:

    im in a screamo band this helped my vceans

  2. Thomas Goy says:

    this sounds so wrong but it’s so epic and sooooo true but really hahaha so
    wrong so wrong

  3. Osama Khan says:

    Press 8, sounds soo clean . More like a truck horn 🙂

  4. Berkeclor92 says:

    basically the guy is saying sing from your daigphran not your throat. if
    you feel your throat contracting then you are not singing properly.

  5. Francisca Rodríguez says:

    I just fell in love <3

  6. ClosedVision says:

    I think he looks like johnny knoxville

  7. Greyson Sawyer says:

    Wow you identified the problem I’ve been working on perfectly. Thanks man!

  8. amir dalal says:

    sweet tips and great voice 😀
    and i want to share this story with you guys..very appreciate

  9. Ben Salter says:

    wow man now I know why my recorded vocals sound like shit when recorded
    rather than in person I guess I was really focused on getting that rasp cuz
    I sing metlcore and death metal with those yell sceams but know I

  10. michael Gormley says:

    awesome!!! even just those last 10 seconds confirmed something i was
    wondering about

  11. Gabriel Festini says:

    Do you guys think that if when i try to sing and it sounds false (though i
    try not to), could i fix this ? :)

  12. dannymac322 says:

    everybody is doing these “he looks like” comments. If you need to find him
    a double look up Virat Kohli, the Indian cricketer.

  13. Rainbow Sam says:

    Wow I’ve just has a aha moment 😀 Thanks !!

  14. mister unknown says:

    The compression at the beginning is called vocal fry it’s a growl and
    screaming technique

  15. 3:48 sounds like a truck is going to run him over

  16. Herbert Smith says:

    great advice…..and damn this guys mannerisms and the way he speaks remind
    me so much of Brett Manning

  17. Matt Thompson says:

    It’s just like nasal vowels!

  18. PURA PARA says:

    what if i cannot hit the note without compress it?

  19. Adriana Cristina says:

    what if you have a low raspy voice im trying this but Idk if im doing it
    right. lol

  20. Nick Orlov says:

    зачем ты подстригся :(

  21. Stefan Djordjevic says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else is searching for learn how to sing really good
    try Grathaw Fast Sing Expert(do a google search ) ? Ive heard some pretty
    good things about it and my partner got excellent success with it.

  22. ABD'ALLAH JAMANI says:

    Hello there,
    I wanna know that does oily and fry food effect bad on vocal cords?
    Should I permanently avoid them or justhe before singing?

  23. Sangharsh /Mathick cytes says:

    Your mum starts to come like this

  24. Bogdan Poiana says:

    I don’t Know anything about singing…… I just sing…. or i just try to
    copy other singers…. is that a good thing ?

  25. Arthur Wu says:

    speech level shit works only if the person already speaks with a neutral

  26. Rich Luna says:

    Tommy Karevik does that “sexy groan” technique a lot before and after a
    line and he’s probably one of the most impressive singers I’ve ever heard.
    I guess you would call it a vocal fry?

  27. Austin Shelton says:

    This clean attack is something i struggle with.


  28. Being able to dish out facts from memory does not mean you can learn how to?control?your diaphragm at the same speed.

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