LEARN HOW TO SING – Vocal Registers (Resonance) Explained (Male Warm-Up)

Discover all about LEARN HOW TO SING – Vocal Registers (Resonance) Explained (Male Warm-Up) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here LEARN HOW TO SING – Vocal Registers (Resonance) Explained (Male Warm-Up).

LEARN HOW TO SING – Vocal Registers (Resonance) Explained (Male Warm-Up)
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Professional singer/songwriter David DiMuzio gives a free vocal lesson teaching the basics of the three main vocal resonances – chest voice, head voice, and pharyngeal. By individually strengthening these three resonances we will learn in future we videos to how to combine them for an extended vocal range, and better sounding singing voice.

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42 thoughts on “LEARN HOW TO SING – Vocal Registers (Resonance) Explained (Male Warm-Up)

  1. thank you David. this video makes things sooo much clearer . I have been
    trying to sing for sometime now, but have not had the answers to understand
    completely the ways of using my voice . that and not being as confident ,
    has been frustrating . always wanted a clear understand , you have made my
    day! thank you! .

  2. Unlike the other 4 singing videos I just watched, this time I actually feel
    like I’ve learned something. Thanks for taking the time to make this video

  3. Hey David, I have a question, is it really possible for a person to
    increase their range with continues practice and warm-ups ?

  4. +daviddimuziolessons im so greatful to listen in your video it was a godd
    impact to me 😀 i hope i can be good as you 😀 and i wish you will follow
    me in facebook,twitter,instagram cause im a die hard fan of you 😀 im
    REIVAJODRALEB in my accounts 😀 thankyou and GodBless!

  5. So this lip roll excercise is literally the first thing you want to
    practice daily to learn how to sing? Not only only is this a warmup, but
    it’s a voice building excercise? 2 birds one stone? Hahah. 

  6. Wow David thank you so much for this video.. You’re frigging amazing. And
    you’re frigging beautiful lol thanks again 🙂 

  7. I like you! You talk and sing! That’s the way to do it! You tutorial is
    awesome! Unlike the others who keeps on talking but doesn’t sing! ! !

  8. It would help if you explained a bit more between false seto and head
    voice. because they both sound like you sing the same way. just making one
    more airy

  9. *Hello 🙂 If you hear me singing 1 month ago you’ll be running away 😀 if
    anyone is interested how I learn to sing and what helped me you are very
    welcome to read more here ;)*

  10. I CANT TRILL! When surgeons fixed a broken jaw they stitched my lip up
    wrong and it’s not as flexible..plus I lost feeling so I cannot trill, I’ve
    tried and tried! My first voice lessons were with an Italian tenor who
    taught me to sing operatically; he never taught a single trill and my
    practice tape broke long ago.

  11. When I lip trill it feels like my vocal chords are getting tired quickly,
    they dont got tired as fast when i’m singing normally. Could I be tensing
    somewhere in my neck?

  12. Then I’ll rewind and sing alongside, beginning time and again till I’m confident I can document it without getting fully lost within the center.

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