Learn How To Sing – Riffs and Runs (warm up)- EAR TRAINING DRILL Paul McKay

Discover all about Learn How To Sing – Riffs and Runs (warm up)- EAR TRAINING DRILL Paul McKay by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Learn How To Sing – Riffs and Runs (warm up)- EAR TRAINING DRILL Paul McKay.

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Learn How to sing Riffs and Runs Ear Training Drill. This video is an exercise warm-up video. It will train your ear and prepare you to recoginze notes quickly and accurately. If you want to learn how to sing riffs and runs, proper ear training is essential!

Learn how to sing
Learn how to sing
Learn how to sing

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Singing Lessons
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Singing Lessons,

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Voice Training
Voice Training
Voice Training

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Ear Training
Ear Training
Ear Training

41 thoughts on “Learn How To Sing – Riffs and Runs (warm up)- EAR TRAINING DRILL Paul McKay

  1. Laquinton Wagner says:

    whoa tht sounds good…. if I get this job im eyeing…I will be comin to
    YOU by the end of the year. Please say tht we can have a group class… I
    have 2 sibs as well and all of us havent had a LICK of training including
    the black church….

  2. kiarules33 says:

    ive been looking for a video like this forever. thank you this is just what
    i needed!

  3. Libby Hamilton says:

    Paul!!! Libby here from NZ. I am a singer songwriter and I am just loving
    your warmups! They continue to develop and challenge my voice! You are
    awesome man. Love your work. Do you do this full-time? Cheers

  4. Guillermo Esqueda says:

    Hi Paul! do you know? that Tower of Power is looking for a new lead singer
    (yes Larry Braggs is leaving the band) YOU ARE THE MAN to lead that great
    band, go to their web page to apply, this is an oportunity in a million, go
    and take it!! (please let me know)

  5. kp pistolz says:

    Thanks for the videos they really help

  6. SuperstarJizzle says:

    Do you have a twitter or Instagram?

  7. ButtahscotchKisses says:

    Just added you to my Skype.


    I love your intro! lol. This video was fun. And helpful!

  9. Shania Deville says:

    How do I get free singing lessons from you? I’d like to take the

  10. 3.05- 3.07 min there is an Orb flying from his left ear. 

  11. blackfrench87 says:

    Please make more videos EXACTLY like this! singing along with us helps out
    like u did towards the end

  12. Kidale Smith says:

    I have a mac, i can’t find the right piano can i get the one you got?

  13. daniel wayne says:

    Your vowels should start with H’s..Hoo, Hee and so forth. Let the note ride
    on the breath. Don’t blow yourself out. Peace and Blessings

  14. Aaron Dolby says:

    This was awesome, shocked myself how attuned my ear was. makes those scary
    riffs so much more obtainable after breaking it down like that. thx paul

  15. Love that Family Adams piano patch you’re rocking, makes you wanna snap
    your fingers.

  16. Tricia Schuetz says:

    The website doesn’t work anymore? 🙁 

  17. Justin Ross says:

    Love the shirt! Great lesson!

  18. Melody Joy says:

    THANK YOU! this is a CHALLENGE! Exactly what i needed.
    Because these are a bit complex.
    again thank you so much for posting this

  19. rick gagliardi says:

    nice job your friend from boston ma

  20. Jeddy Maile says:

    Dude ur awesome,so much I subscribed and learning.

  21. Is there any song available on youtube that you will recommend to further
    improve our voice in this aspect?

  22. Jean Ko Din says:

    My vocal teacher never taught me this stuff!! This video was so much fun. I
    giggled in between each exercise. XD

  23. V a l n s k y says:

    I love your videos broski, i dont do facebook but do lots of instagram are
    you there ? thanks again, you rock bro <3

  24. Paolina Guientsing says:

    It’s great and generous

  25. I start the video at 0:45 … at 1:27 and 2:28

  26. Suzanna Banjoknee says:

    tooo excellent-now when i get to the library-i will run the whole 50 video
    mix and spot my ways as you sing them-to try to remember my potential

  27. Saint Clarity aka Casanova Brown says:

    I tried to go to your website to buy, but it is showing error.

  28. Roberta Robins says:

    you’re so correct! …practice, practice, practice it works! 🙂
    Such great scales, sequence and triangle to learn from thank you for
    teaching and sharing!

  29. Melonie Zappa says:

    This video went WAYYY TOO FAST 😂😂

  30. Ayka Knowles says:

    Awesome!) It was so fun!)) :*

  31. Tyra Sekamate says:

    I must say I have been following you for a while now and you are an amazing
    and very talent full teacher. I really admire you and appreaciate these
    videos, they’ve helped me out a lot with my singing. THANK YOU! / singer
    from Sweden. :)

  32. Dawson Rosario says:

    Continue creating as a singer by exploring the other modules for each matter or selecting a full Roadmap to observe next.

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