Learn How To Sing High Notes – How To Find Mixed Voice

Discover all about Learn How To Sing High Notes – How To Find Mixed Voice by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Learn How To Sing High Notes – How To Find Mixed Voice.

Learn How To Sing High Notes – How To Find Mixed Voice
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Professional singer/songwriter David DiMuzio gives a free singing lesson for beginners & intermediate singers teaching how to find your “mixed voice” aka: “mixed resonance” and extend your vocal range (learn to sing higher) by connecting your bridges (chest and head voice / resonance).

For more details on how to improve your vocal range; How to sing higher, how to sing longer, and how to sing with more power watch my other vocal lessons, or email me if you’re interested in a one on one Skype lesson – daviddimuzio@gmail.com

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41 thoughts on “Learn How To Sing High Notes – How To Find Mixed Voice”

  1. I like this video because it is purely good demonstration. Thanks David!
    I’ll be sure to practice the slide between registers.

  2. this fucking sucks I can’t sing like half the songs that are out these days
    because my voice is way to deep this can’t even get me high enough to sing
    then correctly in the right octave

  3. You look so happy when teaching. In my experience the best teachers always
    look like they’re really having fun when showing people how to do
    something. This was really helpful, thanks!

  4. I want my fking pre-teen voice back 🙁 Cant sing high at all now adays and
    i hate that. I sound so much better singing high, but i cant. rip me

  5. Hey, Im a baritone and I like music from bands such as My Chemical Romance,
    Fall Out Boy, and Panic! At the Disco, but I cant sing their music cause I
    cant hit all the notes in their songs. What can I do to be able to hit all
    those high notes and sing their songs well?

  6. The “mixed voice” thing is bullshit. “Falsetto” is also bullshit. If you
    look how the human anatomi works you would see that when you sing in
    “falsetto” you use a smaler portion of your vocal chords than when you sing
    in your chest voice. If you want to learn how to sing in this “mixed voice”
    try to add more power to your falsetto. Don’t tie your hands when trying to
    learn how to sing higher. If you think that falsetto is a diffirent voice
    you will just mentaly limit yourself.

  7. worked instantly for me.. hey guys if ur still breaking, just try to make a
    more intense dope sound first from your chest voice and then slowly slide
    to head voice. hope it works. and thanks david! subscribed

  8. I’m really starting to get annoyed with my teen voice, which, at 16 years
    old still sounds like a goddamn pre-teen, i mean, i’ve got 6, maybe 6 and a
    half octaves where i can sing easily, but it’s been more than a year since
    i started singing and i still didn’t correct the “brake”, those vicious 3
    or 4 notes that are too high for my chest voice and too low for my head
    voice are making me go crazy ’cause i can’t sing there, i gotta break it. I
    don’t know, my teacher told me the same things you David said, but it’s not
    helping at all. Guess i’ll just need to grow up a little more…

  9. I just started watching your videos and im glad you cover my simple yet
    lame put downs. But quick question, is this the bridge to learning high
    notes? will learning this give me the advantage to sing high notes? and how
    do you sing high notes like zayne malik? and how do you get so shredded? (
    body wise)

  10. Teacher, I have been doing this nearly a month but when I pull back to the
    dopey, I had a break. Is that normal? Will it be ‘cured’ if I keep
    practising it?

  11. Hey daviddimuziolessons, I just watched Learn How To Sing High Notes – How
    To Find Mixed Voice and thought it was great. I’m looking forward to seeing
    your next one. Thanks again Rob Summers

  12. hi David! I don’t know whether to do this exercise before a daily vocal
    warm up or after it. Could u pls help me? :)

  13. some singers sang really high in the Seventies and now when they come back
    on scene after years of absence, they seem to have lost that high voice and
    so they sing their old hits lower. I wonder if they just lost the secret of
    mixed voice.

  14. i’m really struggling at the moment with motivation. i’m 17 years old and
    although other people tell me i sound good, i feel as though each song i
    attempt to sing just sounds bad. i’ve been following your vocal tips
    (especially this one) but i just feel like when i go past the break the
    sound lacks anything interesting. sure i can hit high notes but they sound
    boring and light if i try to sing words although sustained notes do sound
    good. do you have any advice for me as at the moment i’m just getting
    extremely frustrated to the point where i’m straining my voice and getting
    angry at myself for being unable to sing songs.

    perhaps attempting to sing songs by ed sheeran and kodeline isn’t helping
    particularly much, but since my voice is baritone i feel as though i need
    to be able to sing songs in higher keys as low notes are frankly boring
    (atleast when i listen to myself i can hear nothing in low notes that make
    me go wow).

    honestly if people didnt tell me i was good i wouldnt feel so demotivated
    when i have to strain and induce pain in my throat to sing higher songs,
    the trouble i’m having is seeing the ability in myself. any help would be
    appreciated, especially from another male vocalist who has perhaps gone
    through a similar stage.

  15. I hope you could do a video on how to make the falsetto go higher and
    making it more clear/powerful.

  16. hey help me song with confidence in the studio when record…when am out
    the both I sing well wherever am in to record I don’t do well pliz help me

  17. hey help me song with confidence in the studio when record…when am out
    the both I sing well wherever am in to record I don’t do well pliz help me

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