LEARN how to sing from a pro opera singer!

Discover all about LEARN how to sing from a pro opera singer! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here LEARN how to sing from a pro opera singer!.

This video was filmed as part of an application to assist Simon Sundermann to continue his ambition – to teach singing….Has a very unique ability and gets results!!!! This was filmed mid 2006 in London, UK.
Directed, filmed and edited by Derek Cox
Opera by day teacher by night!

22 thoughts on “LEARN how to sing from a pro opera singer!

  1. Bugface Media says:

    Thanx…. again!!! keep a look out im sure theres more to come!

    Best Wishes

    PAB Productions

  2. insanityrulestheday says:

    uber manic performance, particularly the singing of “twinkle, twinkle, little star” (with hindsight “wee willie winkle” would have been more appropriate. Also loved your mirror reflection panning shots or was it zoom effect. Wunderbar.

  3. Bugface Media says:

    Since filming this video his application was Successful! congrats Simon! =)

  4. Nina Lehmann says:

    Love to see more it´s awesome !

  5. Very intresting!! Thank you for sharing this with the world!! I’ll have to have my little one watch this. She loves to sing Opera,well at least she thinks she does.She’s 6.lol!! Anyway I’ll favorite this for her!!

  6. These techiques are exactly what I did with my vocal coach starting in our first lessons. Great video.

  7. GREAT!! YOU ARE THE BEST ! I wish I can have you as my singin teacher .

  8. Frances Denne says:

    this guy is MY singing teacher

  9. alyssacroacia says:

    I can’t do that without smiling! 😛


  10. Saori Nakazawa says:

    I really enjoyed this lesson! Feels like yesterday…

  11. Bugface Media says:

    I know what you mean!
    Keep up to date with new productions by subbing =)

  12. Becky Cordingley says:

    HE’S MY SINGING TEACHER!! This is hilarious as he never mentions any of this…

  13. dantekinslayer says:

    i wish he was my singing teacher T^T <3

  14. William Wilkins says:

    Mr Sundermann I LOVE YOU (No Homo) He was my singing teacher for 4 years:)

  15. shawn lopez jswaggington says:

    that aladin song is a little suggestive there haha

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