Learn How To Sing: Can Anyone Learn? Really?

Discover all about Learn How To Sing: Can Anyone Learn? Really? by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Learn How To Sing: Can Anyone Learn? Really?.

Can anyone learn to sing? That is the age old question. Who can learn to sing and what does it take to learn to sing better? In this video Per Bristow – the creator of the breakthrough voice training method known as the Bristow Voice Method – and the Sing With Freedom program home study version addresses this common question.

18 thoughts on “Learn How To Sing: Can Anyone Learn? Really?

  1. you seem like an amzing teacher, wish you were my teaacher

  2. Alyssa Stearns says:

    I am a new singer and I really want to be able to sing opera for a
    professional career!

  3. pat stowe says:

    Thank you so much for actually answering this question honestly, i’ve seen
    so many other trainers cop out with a simple “well i guess if you put your
    mind to it.” response.

  4. thunderray diamond says:

    keep going on per , very positive

  5. Rudyard Montas says:

    how many times a week should i practice?

  6. Yes, I’ve downloaded it and its fine

  7. Debbie Doo Kids TV says:

    I agree. Singing is a skill, the more you do it, the better you become at
    it. Everybody should sing every day not only for fun but for health too! 

  8. Stella Johnson says:

    This guy is such a delight to listen to!! ~ Thanx for the upload. xx

  9. Laz Vizion says:

    Per I think this is good information. I see by the comments that many
    people can not want to accept it.This may be because it goes contrary to
    their cultural beliefs. However I applaud you for spelling it out so
    clearly in the intro clip on your site. Please let me suggest that you cut
    back on the deprogramming effort and just the AND demonstrate what you
    know and let each student come to those conclusions on their own. Good luck
    with your teaching endeavor ; I hope you do well; it will help a lot of
    people. Lazor Vizion

  10. I am the chior coordinator in my local church here in italy . I love this.
    It will help me go a very long way Gods work. Grazie molto 

  11. My bandmates truly expect me to add numbers I can sing now as opposed to being somewhat embarrassed for me once I tried to sing.

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