Learn How To Sing Better – The Best Breathing Exercises For Singing!!

Discover all about Learn How To Sing Better – The Best Breathing Exercises For Singing!! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Learn How To Sing Better – The Best Breathing Exercises For Singing!!.

Learn How To Sing Better – The Best Breathing Exercises For Singing!!
Watch my best vocal tips all in one playlist:

These are the breathing exercises I do before I start doing my daily vocal warm-up/singing. I’ve learned these from vocal coaches both in person and here on YouTube and compiled into this one video the exercises that work best for me, and I feel make the biggest difference in the way I feel when I sing. I’m sure doing these exercises will help you sound better 🙂

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42 thoughts on “Learn How To Sing Better – The Best Breathing Exercises For Singing!!

  1. Bethany Conlon says:

    Love this vid as I want to expand my lung capacity. I can barely manage
    40secs, what can I do to improve this?

  2. Aideen Ní Riada says:

    Just what I’ve been looking for! Great tips!

  3. KeithRobTV says:

    Thanks alot Dave, you da man! 

  4. Ezequiel Berazategui says:

    1 minute… almost fainted

  5. Hugh Fuve says:

    I go mad with these kind of exercises .. they’re so bloody boring.. i want
    to just sing.. I’m never going to be a great singer.. I wonder if my hero
    singers did this stuff..

  6. munichmunich says:

    When timing the “ssss”, I start feeling faint about 30 seconds in, even
    though I’ve still got breath left. You said you’re doing like 1m20, do you
    not have the same problem? Let us know, thank you!

  7. Hlubtiag Yaj-Lauj says:

    i love it, it’s help a lot. thanks

  8. Cheri Eagleson says:

    This was a good video. I sing in my church choir. Thank you for sharing
    and keep up the great work!

  9. Ida Michelle Dittlau says:

    Great tips! I have Eric Arceneaux course and are doing his breathing
    exercises, but you added some things here which was great! Thank you!

  10. Andrew Byrnes says:

    I can only get around 30 seconds. My lungs must suck.

  11. Natalie Reynolds says:

    Thanks I’m going to be doing this every night to improve my support :)

  12. amine nefaitpasdesvidéos says:

    All of this is good but for me the better and easiest way is FOR REAL IS TO
    EAT !!!! You feel it s way better instantly

  13. Joey Ihly says:

    should you be breathing in through the nose or mouth?

  14. Henry Tena says:

    thank you mr. for your lesson its helps me a lot. now i can sustain 40s yahh
    thanks again mr.

  15. I am a vocalist for an extreme metal band and always have troubles with
    This helped so much thank you!!

  16. Thank you so much! I will try these because one of my friends wants me to
    sing with her professionally and I just don’t know how to stomach breathe

  17. Viviana Homol says:

    I have always wanted to sing but I get out of breath easily. I needed to
    find good breathing techniques and I totally like the ones you teach here.
    Thanks for sharing. P.S: You’re so hot 😊

  18. Desiree Nieckar says:

    Wow, you are sure beautiful man. God blessed you. Thanks so much for the

  19. Sarthak Dua says:

    Bro I am in a bit of a confusion here…when you say you do it for around
    1min 20s, is this time inclusive of both the inhalation and the exhalation?
    Would really appreciate your response……….thanks much for the

  20. DickStiffi007 says:

    This was AWESOME!…Just got my first show in Several years(Sondheim’s
    Assassins) and have lost all technique. Thank You so much…This should
    help. *Smiling*

  21. Jesus Tercero says:

    dnt ur vocal dry out if u breath in with your mouth ? when i sing and
    record my self it sounds like im running out of breath any help with that ?
    n thanks….. i usally inhale with my nose and exhale out my mouth

  22. is it also ok to do when i have a cold?

  23. Any way to train my voice to hold the shhh longer? I mean I guess train my

  24. Xjo4awesomeness sucks #dabeast says:

    Was this porn for gays

  25. chris mohamad zaidi says:

    i have some tip before sing it is dont ever eat too much till full in ur

  26. Sonya Topaz says:

    hey David, that really works!! thanks

  27. Erce Çelik says:

    wonderful video, thanks. please fix the shaky cam :)

  28. Xjo4awesomeness sucks #dabeast says:

    This bastard needs Jesus.

  29. Gerardo Reynoso says:

    thanks david. im helping a childrens choir at church so this will be very
    helpful. im noticing they are having trouble with breathing. will this work
    for children too? do you have vocal warm up video? thanks again

  30. keely tubbs says:

    This will help me a lot because what I want to be is a singer and I was
    having trouble keeping me breath so I can’t wait to start doing this

  31. Meilinda Anis says:

    thanks david.. really need this kind of exercise i’m very bad at keeping my

  32. Thanks I’m about to try theses out

  33. Think about what the genre of music includes, and what the type of singing requires.

  34. Katrina Wolfe says:

    Read this text which tells you how to inculcate music and singing habits in your little one.

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