Learn How to Sing a Major Scale Easily!

Discover all about Learn How to Sing a Major Scale Easily! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Learn How to Sing a Major Scale Easily!.

Learn how to sing a major scale easily and quickly! Aaron, author of www.your-personal-singing-guide.com, shows us how easy it is to sing a major scale, and also what to do if you are unable to sing it properly. A major scale is really the most basic scale that a singer can sing in his/her training, and this video is meant to equip you with that basic knowledge.

Daily practice helps to build up muscular coordination in your vocal setup, and also helps to install new vocal habits and erase the old ones which may have been hindering your vocal progress!

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Yours Sincerely,
Aaron Matthew Lim
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6 thoughts on “Learn How to Sing a Major Scale Easily!

  1. Avinash S says:

    Great tips, but Aaron I’ve got a doubt, can you please tell me 1 thing,

    At 1.58, you have started a new exercise- 4 counts one[ scale with chord],
    so can you tell me what scale you have used at 1.58?


  2. Lisa Carlson says:

    Thanks! I like your teaching style.

  3. chua khailyn says:

    thanks it is pretty useful for me. . I am currently learning singing . I
    appreciate so much for this vedio. God blessed you.
    I need your comment on my vedio in youtube hope that you can help me

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  5. The scientists tested the blood of people who sang in an expert choir within the city, earlier than and after a 60 minute rehearsal of Mozart’s Requiem.

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