41 thoughts on “Lady Virtue – SINGING LESSONS

  1. Diversesoul29 says:

    Lol, too funny. Is yhat second verse for real, you made yhat up right? If
    not where have I been? You sound like all my countless anties of no
    relation that think they can sing. Lmbo! Loved the clapping, your best
    advice madam. ^__^

  2. hiimamara says:

    thats the second verse girl.. you late 

  3. Manasseh Oso says:

    Dis littoo light of mine…by Jesus Christ himself!

  4. Susan Agobia says:

    i laughed too hard! You do good job- ooooo 

  5. Victoria Corrado says:

    i would love to hang out with Amara

  6. hiimamara says:

    awwee .. where do you live? how old are you?

  7. Victoria Corrado says:

    Im 16 i live in El Centro in cali. my bro his friends and me think you are
    hilarious. we are always looking for funny vids and dam ur funny as hell

  8. Ifechi Ochi says:

    haha…. written by jesus christ himself? huh?? haha too funny!

  9. Meminatu Bangura says:


  10. lmao @ jesus christ himself. . .now that was hilarious!

  11. Heyitstheyellowman says:

    Shut up!!! If you do not shut up your mouth I will kill you!!!!!!

  12. StrawberriLust says:

    I literally know a lady that sings like this.

  13. Blessed9jaBeauty says:

    I simply adore Aunty Virtue! Shout Out to all the Aunty Virtue’s in the
    World! LMBO…Nne YOU ROCK!

  14. Pascasia Pinocco says:

    I love watching your lady virtue vids they remind me of my relatives

  15. Lisa Jenkins says:

    i wanna hang out with you!!! you’re like the coolest nigerian i know!!! :/

  16. Dorothy Henri says:

    Omg, I’ve watched this countless times!!!!!! Please we want more Lady

  17. Jason-Lyric-Luv says:

    I can watch Lady Virtue all day long….. Supa Hilarious!

  18. Only Nneka says:

    That auntie in church who thinks she can sang. 😂😂😂

  19. shante “JAZZY” B says:

    Crying laughing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  20. Chidinma Okafor says:

    No be small light o!. Lol.

  21. “SHUT UP! If you don’t shut up your mouth I’ll kill you”

  22. Jasmine Williams says:

    Lmao I’m not even half way through the video n I’m weeeeeeeak!!!!

  23. Susan Agobia says:

    kills me every time! oldie but gold

  24. All my dreams about singing simply vanished and I put my dream of life away.

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