Ken Tamplin – Pro Singing Lessons Online – How To Sing Tush / ZZ Top (cover)

Discover all about Ken Tamplin – Pro Singing Lessons Online – How To Sing Tush / ZZ Top (cover) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Ken Tamplin – Pro Singing Lessons Online – How To Sing Tush / ZZ Top (cover).

Ken Tamplin – Pro Singing Lessons Online – How To Sing Tush / ZZ Top (cover)

ZZ Top – TUSH! Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy can help you get increase your vocal range. Check out these high notes! My method uses proven techniques derived from years of advanced study. KTVA includes Classical Bel Canto methods fused together with modern, contemporary singing techniques that work for all singing styles, such as Texas Blues Rock like ZZ Top, and including all forms of Rock, Pop, Soul, Blues, Metal, and Country. Learn to sing with PRO Methods with the KTVA singing program! These are the absolute best methods to really improve your voice. Learn how to sing the highest notes! Get great vocal tone! Prevent your voice from going hoarse from singing! Practice with the best vocal exercises that will supercharge your learning progress. Learn all of this and more with Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy online singing lessons!

36 thoughts on “Ken Tamplin – Pro Singing Lessons Online – How To Sing Tush / ZZ Top (cover)

  1. jaromsmusic says:

    great as always. Have you ever thought of doing jet?

  2. TheArtickus says:

    Man your skills are way beyond awesome. I just raising money for your cd’s and trip to USA, hope I will be able to make it in near-year future…

  3. Sid Barret says:

    I like these vids cause I love 2 hear u sing

  4. Man you are great as soon I get money I will join academy but it was bugging me,I actually have bad sound I mean bad voice color or whatever its called and my voice isn’t constant and I don’t have control over it and I am also a little bit skeptic cause I have been told I don’t have gift to sing its just impossible.So I was wondering is it possible that I tape myself on the phone cause I don’t have equipment(microphone) so that you could judge.

  5. TheFinguin says:

    Hello Ken ! I was wondering, what makes the difference between a healthy raspy voice and an unhealthy one (ex: Lemmy Kilmister) ?
    Thanks a lot for your answer & fantastic job for this cover 🙂

  6. Bob Hohenberger says:

    Great job on a cool 70’s song! One of my favorites!

  7. Josh Brown says:

    Ken, is that your private studio in Hawaii?  Must have cost a mint. Any figures you can disclose for us dreamers?  🙂

  8. knockoutpill says:

    You’re a great singer, there’s no doubting that. I just can’t get over that thing you do with your tounge though. But I guess whatever works… 🙂

  9. Mark Center says:

    Love the song and the education. Just so the facts are correct; Dusty Hill did the singing on this, Billy Gibbons did the singing on La Grange. No worries, great songs and singing on both.

  10. Tyler Wyatt says:

    Hey Ken, is there any chance we could see a video on how to sing like The Civil Wars? I think it’d be incredible to see you and Gabriella perform a duet of one of their songs.

  11. Mark Phillips says:

    actually Billy Gibbons, the guitar player in ZZ Top, sang La Grange, but not Tush…the bass player, Dusty Hill is the vocalist on Tush…but you sound great anyway- keep rocking’ m/

  12. walrusmonger says:

    Awesome, fantastic cover, so much power!

  13. babystinky says:

    Ken, it would be interesting if you put out something on RUSH,
    Geddy Lee, particularly The Temples Of Syrinx, and how exactly 
    that would be done. I am sure there are various approaches. good job btw

  14. Hi im planning to buy your course how many hours a day is the practice?

  15. Len Audsley says:

    Good job….. But you need more rasp on those high notes….. We play this live often….

  16. Ichy Ortiz says:

    It’s amazing how you can learn something so easily with Ken. I love his videos, they are very helpful. I improved from zero to 70%. Thanks!!

  17. Ichy Ortiz says:

    I’m not saying that singing is easy, but with the proper technics you can do it.

  18. As per usual, not only did you nail that vocal, I would imagine you also played the instruments for that killer track also.  You rock Mr. Tamplin.

  19. sean cunningham says:

    Please show me how to sing eve six inside out. Thanks in advance!

  20. LudwigSC93 says:

    Ken…I HATE zztop!!!!!!!!!!!!!  But….cuz I think you are such a great singer and I love your attitude and you are so helpful to singers I always watch your vids.  You should be proud, you are great inspiration to singers <------ this coming from a drummer/closet singer 😉

  21. skite husene says:

    Ken, i’v got your vocal academy v1,, but i can’t understand how to make my throat be opened as you show. Can you make video on which you will show it and explain very fine, to make everybody (even me 🙂 ) easily understand it? And  how about making a short 3-4 videos serie about singing techniques. Short videos- about 5 minutes about how to use headvoice and others like that.
    Btw, great video 🙂

  22. De'ellison Aych says:

    Hey Mr. Tamplin! First off I wanna say I am a huge fan of your artistry! I am nineteen, a lyric baritone and currently studying privately with a Dr. in voice from my college for about 5 months. It’s classical training and I just wanted to know will it be beneficial for me since I want to sing contemporary music/ Pop? Also could I sing Chris brown songs with out always going into falsetto (he’s a spinto tenor)?

  23. very impressive!! Question for you, I always feel limit on my vocal when I belt out &not clear sound even though ppl think i have good voice but i haven’t been trained properly. Can you pls evaluate my voice &advise me? I really need to improve/real good guidance. thank you!

  24. The Blackstone Project says:

    Great singing Ken. Actually bassist Dusty Hill sang vocals on the studio version of this song but it would be impressive if it was indeed the Reverend. Billy Gibbons.

  25. Genius vocalist Ken Tamplin !!
    What microphone you are using?

  26. LivioSegnini says:

    Ken, please, take down some Bruce Springsteen stuff; Born to Run is making it´s 40th anniversary! =)

  27. Jéssica Gamarra says:

    Ken, you have got a brilliant voice!!!

  28. Aaaawesome! 🙂 Are there any plans to do some tool song or anything to do with Maynard James Keenan? Would love to see your take on it.

  29. Richard Jones says:

    For those who are on the fence – Ken’s material IS worth it. Best money I have spent this year. The change in my voice has been tremendous.

  30. Ella Zaion says:

    delighted with the very good vocals

  31. Ken, are you sure it’s the same singer on “Tush” as was on “La Grange”?  If memory serves me correctly, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, I think the low vocals were handled by guitarist Billy Gibbons, and the high vocals were handled by bassist Dusty Hill.

  32. Miguel Cuervo says:

    I’d love to be able to sing. My grandpa (mom’s side )could sing old Johnny Cash songs like he was the man himself.

    I don’t think I could ever take this course though. Number one, I can’t afford classes. Number two, I don’t have the slightest idea of what most people are talking about in YouTube videos… things like head vs chest, glottis vs epiglottis, breathing with the diaphragm… it’s just a lot of words to me. None of it really clicks.

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