JYP’s student, Jo Kwon and Yeun’s vocal lesson [Sister’s Slam Dunk/2016.09.02]

Discover all about JYP’s student, Jo Kwon and Yeun’s vocal lesson [Sister’s Slam Dunk/2016.09.02] by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here JYP’s student, Jo Kwon and Yeun’s vocal lesson [Sister’s Slam Dunk/2016.09.02].

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40 thoughts on “JYP’s student, Jo Kwon and Yeun’s vocal lesson [Sister’s Slam Dunk/2016.09.02]

  1. ananda rifa says:

    kbs did a typo here, it should be yeeun not yeun but it’s okay, we get it it’s yeeun

  2. Ilike Tosleep says:

    Jinkyung makes me laugh like mad in every single scene she is in xD Thumbs up for the effort!

  3. mazeltov 1482 says:

    somebody tell me how to not falling in love with JoKwon’s voice.. 😍😍😍

  4. i was think miran teaching by taeyang vocals hahaha my imagine e.e

  5. Haritha Munni says:

    if you don’t know anything about India and Indian singers why make a comment on that..what’s like Indian singer..I don’t understand

  6. Narita Zaraki says:

    That Jokwon and Yenny duet though … T_T melting~~~

  7. Hyorin is so cute 😂 the way she said “feel” I died

  8. Fransiska Stephanie Hermawan says:

    why i can’t watch a full version? can someone tell me? i just can watch the highlights 😢

  9. Kris Javier says:

    Awww… Hyorin is too adorable taking notes from her sunbae… “Oh! Feeel” kekeke
    Jo Kwon so funny!!!!!

  10. A girl Who doesn't care says:

    I don’t what is all that jyp things with pronouncation and stuff because come on “cheer up” by twice is actually pronounced ” t shut up “lol
    Maybe this song singing by unnies still have an influence on him😝

  11. Along Zaench-Q says:

    this song daebak 😊 jinkyung hwaiting!!! miss our fany fany

  12. momo choco says:

    yenny is so prettyyyyyyyy and kind

  13. Khanza's Life says:

    This is the most funniest episode from Unnies Slam Dunk :v

    Who aggrees?😂🙌

  14. Rangga Alam Purnama says:

    Just realized that Taewoo is so damn tall

  15. igot7 lucky says:

    jyp family💞💞💞💕💓😍

  16. Winda Yodpinij says:

    I didn’t realize that I missed Kwon this much! #AdamCouple

  17. I really can see Jokwon and Yeeun taking care of JYPE in the future

  18. Monica Basilio says:

    I am really proud that I am a JYP stan

  19. Chrester Domingo says:

    I laughed so much!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

  20. Kein Eroru says:

    I want to sing with JoKwon and Yeeun 😭

  21. maya sumayyah says:

    jo kwon is the best really i miss 2am:(

  22. I laugh so hard at the family photo, they really look like one lol

  23. vanfhkeuw says:

    I’m addicted to this show, I crylaugh every episode :”””)

  24. Bathon sama says:

    Hyorin looked soooo cute when she heard Taewoo say “Feel”, she immediately wrote it like a nerd student !!~~

  25. vyka Eunuch says:

    Hyorin could ask Taeyang about vocal lesson. Dear, you have a boyfriend with amazing voice :p

  26. Cess Ferre says:

    hahhhaha they are so funny. hope people can still watch them even without tiffany cuz they are really trying their best.

  27. Jeslyne Ho says:

    10:17 is really like a family photo! Hyorin look like a kid trapped in between appa and umma hahahahaha

  28. Rizki Fitriana says:

    whenever jinkyoung unni appears, i always laugh. i love her part in every episode! jinkyoung unni, thanks for giving us alot of fun! 😍

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