JOHNNYSWIM – Song Application & Singing Lesson

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In this video Amanda and Abner of JOHNNYSWIM work through some specific vocal exercises that help them perform their song “Adelina” with less strain and better control. Watch as they apply some of the techniques they’ve been working on in their one-on-one singing lessons with Shelby.


Original Date: November 14, 2012


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40 thoughts on “JOHNNYSWIM – Song Application & Singing Lesson

  1. rodrigo galvez says:

    It isn’t free! The album it’s $4.99

  2. SOULSODROMO Fonk says:

    Her tone is very similar to Alicia keys…she’s great. And he has a really
    unique vocal style (Y) (Y)

  3. beautiful coach. I can’t focus on the lesson.

  4. JersonMusic says:

    Such an awesome lesson and performance.
    P/s Coming to Nashville for a week in March , how busy are you? would like
    to have some lessons. 

  5. Loves It ♥ Great Video!! Their tone/voices/etc is just lovely :)

  6. antonio12aniello says:

    his voice is very raspy and his tessitura is very low hence he has a lot of
    trouble reaching any high notes, even the high notes he is able to reach
    are done so through projection of voice rather than raised larynx

  7. antonio12aniello says:

    either way its avery good soft rock vocal set that he has.

  8. AnaKaren Castillo says:

    Are you kidding me?! I love JohnnySwim and Singing Success! Been following
    for a long time. So funny for y’all to be connected! So awesome! Love it! 

  9. Kiki Leigh says:

    Amazing! Thanks for giving us a song application video

  10. Andrew Crew says:

    Wow Im so mad I couldnt buy my singing success package 🙁 I tried and tried
    and for some reason my gift card never went through 

  11. Sonata Kay says:

    They’re amazing ! Beautiful voices !! 

  12. Trey Roque says:

    Fab lesson! Your course has really helped my singing. Cheers!

  13. OfficialTrygii says:

    Great video! I have a question tho, how long does it take (on average) to
    see a big improvement?

  14. Stephanie Card says:

    These guys are my heroes. I love that their performances are always so
    intimate feeling. It’s humbling to know even the best need direction. Love
    Em. Go buy their full length album that’s being released in April! 

  15. This group’s EP Home was on constant rotation. Kept me going. I just love
    it. I live for it though. THANKS!

  16. chamcham123 says:

    Great video. Btw, is Shelby pregnant again? I remember she was pregnant in
    some older videos.

  17. chamcham123 says:

    Lol. The female singer keeps lifting her chin up. And she does sound like
    Alicia Keys.

  18. Peter Wickström (awesound) says:

    I love watching live coaching like this and how it takes the singing to the
    next level. Check out this video with Brett for released high notes. How to
    Belt High Notes – Brett Manning – Awesound TV

  19. Ana Quintana says:

    his voice: DAMN! and then she starts singing and: equally DAMN! Love it.

  20. Stuck On Neverland says:

    Such a huge fan of them Love annie and Bonsoir! <3

  21. Stuck On Neverland says:


  22. Keith Howard says:

    Wow, glad I stumbled on this page! :-)

  23. William Johnson says:

    This is awesome. Great lesson and tips.

  24. Nyrie Kathryn Tyler says:

    please do this with more artists!!!!! Get lorde on here next! 

  25. Nyrie Kathryn Tyler says:

    I have always wanted to teach famous singers how to stop stretching their
    neck up to reach high notes. It is something I have worked on for some time
    now, meaning years. It has improved my performance endurance and my ability
    to record in a studio! I learned so much from this. Thank you!

  26. xMiyazakiAkira says:

    id rather him keep that rasp in there, sounds great actually

  27. Johnny Cuff says:

    i loved his raspy voice. is she a mezzo soprano? she has a dark and
    interesting tone



  29. I am Washington says:

    She sounds like Alicia Keys and he sounds like John Legend

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