Indian Classical Music Lesson Online (Patterned Sequence of Notes) by Nishant Akshar

Discover all about Indian Classical Music Lesson Online (Patterned Sequence of Notes) by Nishant Akshar by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Indian Classical Music Lesson Online (Patterned Sequence of Notes) by Nishant Akshar.

Learn Indian Classical Vocal Online (Hindustani Style ~ Northern Indian Music)


SKYPE id ~ Sarita Kukreja for Females / Kids

Nishant Akshar for Males

Music Classes for training in Indian Classical. Online music tuition and singing lessons.

Note – C# (Scale for Males)

Duration – Nearly 10 Minutes

Objective – Learning to Sing 5 Paltaas



We (Sarita and Me) have been delivering Online Music Singing Lessons for more than 3 years.

These are particularly related to Indian Classical & Light Music (Vocals Only)


43 thoughts on “Indian Classical Music Lesson Online (Patterned Sequence of Notes) by Nishant Akshar

  1. Enique Dhiman says:

    sir gale ki blocking ko kese dur Karin high scale par blocking hoti h voice
    dab jati h me bohot preshan hun….

  2. Rock The World says:

    is harmonium is must or i can learn with synthesizer

  3. Saily Khamkar says:

    i like this tutorial…..thank you for such wonderful videos…

  4. Sunil Narkhede says:

    Thank you Sarita and Nishant. You made life easy for students like me who
    wants to learn music.

  5. Yug Rawal says:

    Outstanding… gave a gud platform to learn… keep it up… :-)

  6. Sanjay Raina says:

    Hi Nishant Ji I also want to take lessons form you. Let me know how to
    reach you please.

  7. Bhaskar Salve 'Kamalavira' says:

    फार छान. madam.

  8. hassan shahani says:

    bahot khob aapne sunaya hai achcha sur hai aapka shokria sahib

  9. Ankit Kanoujiya says:

    sir mujhe sahi tarika bataiye plz….mujhe lagta h mai galat reyaj karata
    hu….reyaj karte waqt mere pet me jor padata h jaise koi takat lagani pad
    rahi ho..plz… me..

  10. Sowjanya Vulli says:

    nishant guruji..please give me link to download vedios of basics of music
    please guide me…my aim is to become a singer

  11. ABD'ALLAH JAMANI says:

    hello dear….
    Sir mujhe ye batayeen ke saans lene ka sahi tareeqa kya hai?

  12. Skalzang Rigzin says:

    very lovely lesson i like very much..thanks for sharing sir

  13. Abdul Rehman says:

    syntex of teaching is very good, lot of love from Pakistan, keep it
    continue sir,

  14. Satish Ramdurg says:

    Great work to promote music

  15. Trolling pot says:

    Hey, i was practising kramik pustak malika and saw some notes with _ under
    them could u please tell me what those are

  16. Rajat Khattar says:

    You are a excellent teacher sir
    thanks a lot

  17. Harold Sankar says:

    I have developed harmonium playing skills from your unselfish teachings,
    Kind brother, I salute you. I wish you and yours health and peace..

  18. Yashwant Choudhary says:

    sir use in this videos paltas notes can you write please.

  19. Hygge Vivid says:

    For the lesson thank you so much. I enjoy every time I practice with you :)

  20. Saumen Mitra says:

    are you strating from B# please show fingurig technique

  21. Dennis Sharma says:

    Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. eesha meshram says:

    u know how to teach.ur online lessons r better than d music lessons i

  23. Anurag Dharmanjayk says:

    how to sing musical notes? I mean to say, while singing notes or alankars I
    feel comfortable but when it comes to singing a song then I find it
    difficult, so can you please give a session on how to sing and recognize
    notes or sur while singing and how to bring that confidence..!!

  24. It’s great to read something that’s both enjoyable and provides prdagmtisac solutions.

  25. Your baby will love you singing to them, even should you feel you are utterly tone deaf.

  26. Beautiful photos once again. I hate to think of injured ducks, but I guess that’s the unfortunate side of hunting. I look at Storm waiting on her stand with that intense look on her face, just waiting for something to retrieve, and I can almost hear her saying, “Hey, it’s what I do!”

  27. Kaiden Willis says:

    Jalava ~ I love hearing that you used to sing with your dad.

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