If I’m tone deaf, can I learn how to sing?

Discover all about If I’m tone deaf, can I learn how to sing? by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here If I’m tone deaf, can I learn how to sing?.

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In this video, you’ll get your questions answered about the important difference between the hearing disability of being tone deaf, vs. the skill of singing in tune, and how that effects whether or not you can learn how to sing.

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12 thoughts on “If I’m tone deaf, can I learn how to sing?

  1. Im deaf in one ear, can I learn how to sing in tune regardless?

    1. Synergistic Singing says:

      +Haven The Fluffy Absolutely! I’ve had a few students with deafness in one ear and it didn’t pose any issues for singing, just make sure to let anyone you are singing with know so they don’t accidentally play your notes/backing track etc. next to the wrong ear. Sounds obvious but it happens surprisingly often!

  2. Synergistic Singing says:

    Hi Danny, I couldn’t reply directly to you because I think your G+ settings do not allow replies, so hopefully you get this! Thanks for the question! Although I’ve taught several singers who at first were thrown off key by difference in timbre, it’s rare that it remains the case after they have sung for a few months on a consistent daily basis and were exposed to different instruments. Since it’s so rare, I don’t really have any experience with this. Here’s what I would do if I were in your shoes though: I would learn a song really well, and then go to a digital keyboard and try to sing the song or just a few notes with all the different timbre options, strings, voices, organ, etc.

  3. Billy Mumphry says:

    Hi, my name’s Billy, and I can’t sing. All these years my thoughts on singing have been technically wrong, and personally limiting. This was enlightening. Thanks. I am a guitar player and can totally relate to your point on being “played” a note first (on piano for example) and identifying it, versus identifying the note first (from within) and then “playing” it/singing. Great insights..Thanks again.

    1. Synergistic Singing says:

      Hi Billy, thank you for the kind words I’m so glad to hear that!

  4. Sadie Louisee says:

    Hello! I basically have a semi bilateral hearing loss , in both ears and I also wear hearing aids, as you know , everything is much quiet without them, but some people complain that I can’t sing , sometimes I think I can but in reality, it does not go right , what can I do? 🙂

    1. Synergistic Singing says:

      I definitely can’t give you a really good answer without hearing you, so in truth I don’t know. I’ve never had any students with that particular condition, but here is what I would do if I were in your shoes: I would both get with a voice teacher (someone in your local area) and record myself singing and listen back. Avoid singing around people if you can, as people (and sadly some voice teachers…avoid those too) have been trained by society (i.e. Simon Cowell) to tell you negative things about your singing, without any helpful information as to what you can do to make more of the kind of sounds you like (when you listen back to a recording of yourself, not when you are singing, as you may not notice).

    2. Sadie Louisee says:

      Synergistic Singing Thankyou , means a lot , I’ll do my best 🙂

  5. Lexi Hoygra says:

    I’ve had lessons but I can’t change my pitch and I’ve had months of training. What do I do?

    1. Synergistic Singing says:

      Hi Lexi, what type of training? Are you doing this on your own or with a teacher? With consistent practice and a teacher who knows how to train someone when it comes to matching pitch (a lot of voice teachers do not because they haven’t been where you’re at ever, I started there) expect it take around a year for the average person. This is not unusual for most learned skills either like lifting weights, learning how to dance, etc.

  6. Samarth Lawania says:

    Its very helpful that u r providing these basic knowledge for free.. I want that your viewers must be increased.. You are doing a nice job.. It might help you if you change the name of your channel.. This way more people can find you if you put a name that is easy to find and search.. I hope u get more veiwers..

  7. Bruno Budzell says:

    Very thoughtful! And great pointers for a beginner like me I thought forever that tone deafness is what won’t make me a singer or whatever! I enjoyed getting to know m the differences of tone deaf, singing out of tune! helpful realization in this video subscribing for sure!

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