– Singing lessons to Kids at Mesa Ver

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Everyone wants to be the next American Idol, and the kids at Mesa Verde Middle School in San Diego, CA are prepping by learning how to sing from and the YMCA. With instructors teaching in over 2800 communities, takelessons offers private music lessons and voice lessons and group classes for after-school programs and community centers.

2 thoughts on “ – Singing lessons to Kids at Mesa Ver

  1. Isaac Rodriguez says:

    I would just like to go over the second point on the don’t list, if you shout because you can’t hear yourself, the chances are that everybody else can hear you just fine so when you start to shout people will wonder what is going on, but worst of all you will start to go out of tune, the dynamics of the song will be lost and people will think that you are a bad singer.

  2. Abdikadir says:

    I got your program as more of a confidence booster than anything else, just hoping to contribute to my band’s vocal success.

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