How To Train To Sing On Key

Discover all about How To Train To Sing On Key by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Train To Sing On Key.

This tutorial is a practical time-saver that will enable you to get good at singing. Watch our video on How To Train To Sing On Key from one of Videojug’s experts.

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34 thoughts on “How To Train To Sing On Key

  1. well, i already knew i needed lessons lady. that was not useful whatsoever.

  2. Dirk Diggler says:

    I guess I have to go to a music lesson with my penis.

  3. 123Discoverme says:

    Thank u it makes me interested to sing….

  4. endAuthority says:

    This lady gave me a raging hard on

  5. Kaylynn Harris says:

    If your tone deaf, that’s why you learn to train your ears! Lady.

  6. morttipelovaara says:

    Your right. All we need is faith to carry on in life.

  7. Marilyn Middleton Mellor says:

    I teach quite a few people who were described as “Tone Deaf” and in twelve
    years I have only had one Legitimately tone deaf person. It is a crossing
    of wires in the brain and it is usually in a male. There is soft ware that
    can help you correct your pitch as well. I recommend Playstation 2 with
    singstar or the Wi version. It helps pitch greatly. All it takes is someone

  8. I would find a lesson from this lady very distracting.

  9. MUSER1993 says:

    Watches singing lesson video. Video tells him to go see a singing teacher.

  10. des Bronson says:

    I think it was useful advice. If u could sing in pitch after a 3 min video
    then everyone would sing wouldn’t they. She’s saying this will help u. See
    a teacher who’s trained to listen and correct or cost wise get a small
    keyboard and focus on listening to yourself to train muscle memory or
    record listen correct. And it works. U will hear when it’s played back when
    your in and out of tune. It begins with hearing the odd note in tune and
    saying yeah. Then that improves as muscle memory and your..

  11. des Bronson says:

    Own attention to your hearing improves then as time goes on it reverses and
    u start to hear yourself out of tune and u can correct easy. It’s about
    knowing how u sound to other people and developing from there. And the only
    way is to listen to yourself and correct your technique and pitch. the
    recording device is the easiest way to do this. the piano scales helps by
    giving targets to hit rather than a song which can be too complicated to
    focus on. A teacher will help correct on the spot.

  12. des Bronson says:

    U need to record and listen and u need an example. So recorded scales, a
    keyboard, a guitar or something. A teacher is all these in one. Pitch
    practise is awesome. Even a bad singer who is in key will sound o.k.

  13. mizzodamm says:

    to train a lazy year… must go to a Music lesson if you can…..with a
    penis. good tutorial

  14. Emily Edward says:

    get the info here

  15. Jessica Morgan says:

    I’ve had quite a lazy Year… : XD

  16. Javier Shirley says:

    She is really hot, I mean, really hot!!!

  17. Filmmaking / Gamer For Life says:

    Did she say penis 107 lol I know that’s not what she said but it sounds
    like it funny.

  18. PeTer061991 says:

    There is no such thing as being tone-deaf. It’s an old myth that modern
    music teachers have debunked. If you were tone deaf you wouldn’t be able to
    tell if someone asks you a question, because the only distinction between
    questions and regular sentences is tone difference at the end of the

    Some people have to work 10 times harder to achieve the same results. It
    took me 5 years to start hitting basic notes correctly. I started from zero
    ability to tell when I’m hitting the notes or not. It’s totally possible,
    it just requires TONS of work. So stop spreading bs.

  19. Tommie Dhee says:


  20. Annabel Hawksworth says:

    Amusia (tone deafness) the inability to detect notes that are out of key is
    an actual thing. Defect in processing pitch and can also effect musical
    memory and recognition. It can be acquired due to brain damage or you can
    be born with it as it is a defect in music processing. But it’s not common.

  21. Cassypony VA says:

    “Go to a music lesson if you can, with a penis.” ..So do I rip off someone
    else’s? o_e

  22. Shihab Khan says:

    This is the video that I like most Because this video shows how to sing a
    song how accurately you can create

  23. TheVocoderGuy says:

    Lol tone deafness, that’s called being deaf. I’m surprised people still buy
    that kind of shit.

  24. Joseph Goodman says:

    lmao the end of this video is to good

  25. Emily Evans says:

    i have a somewhat good voice I just need to learn to sing on key 😂

  26. Keira Warren says:

    A little help from Jan with vocal techniques and breathing means you too could unleash your inner diva!

  27. So I’m going to show you how to belt without ruining your voice.

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