How To Sound Sexy When You Sing (‘My Funny Valentine’ sung by Alice Fredenham breakdown)

Discover all about How To Sound Sexy When You Sing (‘My Funny Valentine’ sung by Alice Fredenham breakdown) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sound Sexy When You Sing (‘My Funny Valentine’ sung by Alice Fredenham breakdown).

Want to sound sexier when you sing? In this vid I do an artist breakdown of Alice Fredenham singing My Funny Valentine for her Britain’s Got Talent audition. Dubbed one of the UK’s sexiest singers.

Here’s the original video of Alice singing:

NOTE: I originally recorded this vid with really awesome sound quality (hence the mic,) but my computer died and I lost the audio unfortunately. So this version just has the sound coming from the camera, but I thought it was still clear enough so you could hear all the nuances of the singing technique, so I uploaded this version now instead of making you wait until I redid it.


Nicola x

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Step 1 – The Cry.

Adding a little cry to the start of your notes adds a sense of drama, melancholy and sexiness and Alice uses these throughout her singing.

Step 2 – Leave Space.

Music is about what you leave out. Space. You do not have to sing and fill up the whole song with long note holds. Get comfortable leaving big long spaces in your music.

Step 3 – Add big slide downs.

For some reason downward slides are generally sexier than upward slides… maybe its because you’re going down low… (lol)

Step 4 – Add bedroom noises!! (Seriously)

You might think this is pretty funny, but Alice does this twice in her performance. Not one bedroom noise but TWO bedroom noises! She adds a little Ahhh at 2:58 ‘Is your mouth a little weak…Ahhh’. Which automatically makes people get the vibe she’s putting off its kind of like the icing on the cake with a sexy cherry on top.



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10 thoughts on “How To Sound Sexy When You Sing (‘My Funny Valentine’ sung by Alice Fredenham breakdown)

  1. Shamann Back says:

    Thanks for the tips. I’m a singer-songwriter who does covers and will be
    making my music soon so I’m following your tips to improve my game so l can
    perform to a professional standard while reaching my goals.

  2. Hi Nicola, I really like your tips on singing. I am not really a singer- i
    do try , mostly play guitar…I wanna ask if it is better to use a
    condenser or dynamic mic for singing.

  3. I really like your lessons and am grateful for your generous tuition.I am a
    bit confused how you say that you have ‘ no edge ‘ to your voice.Can a
    singer not add edge to their voices using other vocal techniques or
    exercises ? Thanks

  4. JoJosGuide To happy life says:

    Could you sing the song in the end, we don’t have a result like this. (Oo
    and with music…) If you can’t because of copyright, maybe you can use the
    techniques with one of your own songs… x

  5. Adrian Ceroni says:

    Does this work for male singers?

  6. H.V.Classical - Czech videos says:

    You are cute 🙂 thanks for your tutorials

  7. Thanks so much for your amazing tips. I was also wondering if you could
    give tips on how Amy Winehouse makes her low notes so resonant.

  8. Brian Chapman says:

    As soon as I saw the heading for My funny Valentine… I thought of the
    Alice Fredenham performance. It was the most sensually beautiful thing to
    watch. So glad you referred to it!

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