How to Sing Your Favorite Songs

Discover all about How to Sing Your Favorite Songs by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to Sing Your Favorite Songs.

Here is a quick teaser on what I am going to be doing in my upcoming “How To Sing” series where I will show you guys how to sing different songs with good technique. I hope you guys enjoy and please send me your requests for songs you want to learn

5 thoughts on “How to Sing Your Favorite Songs

  1. Vanishing Moonlight says:

    Hey! 🙂 Thanks for the videos, they are really helpful 🙂
    One question (it’s not about the video, I write it here because it’s the
    last video you uploaded lol sorry)
    Well, can you explain me (in an easy language for a begginer) what is the
    head voice and how I get into it???

    My chest voice is from D2 to D4, and there is where the “bridge” starts to
    go up to the head voice… and my problem is that if I go higher from a D4
    the sound just doesn’t come out and there isn’t bridge nor head voice :(((
    How do I sing in head voice??? And is the “vowel modification” related to
    the bridge and head voice???
    Oh, btw my falsetto is from E4 to G5 but if I go down scale G4-F4-E4…
    when I try to hit D4 it breaks into Chest voice and I sing a D3 🙁 why does
    that happen??? Is it because falsetto never blend with chest voice?

    Please answer to my two questions and sorry if they are dumb questions uu

  2. Naruto Senpai says:

    Fall out boy alone together I really want to learn my friend has has the
    ability to minmic voices greatly who has that talent he wants me to try to
    get my vocals together and I am out of sync sometimes

  3. Christopher Jespersen says:

    last nite the strokes

  4. Vocal technique issues: If you don’t have a good breathing support, you won’t be able to reach high notes, since they require more air pressure.

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