How to sing without tension

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Singing Tutorial: How to sing without tension

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In this video, we go through 6 awesome things you need do, to sing without tension. Get loose, get ready and let’s get going!

1. Get rid of tension in your body
2. Massage your face and jaw
3. Stretch out your tongue
4. Use your big support muscles
5. Open your throat with a pre-yawn stretch and lift of your soft palate
6. Use your resonance

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3 thoughts on “How to sing without tension

  1. last memory says:

    i’m early <3 love your videos Kerri soo amazing tricks thank u soo much .. i'm excited for your next video you have been always my fav vocal coach thank u for always believing in us <3

  2. Maliha Mahjabin says:

    Hello! I don’t have a keyboard at home, but I have an Harmonium from back when I used to sing, I haven’t sung for 8 years. Can I do your channel’s practices with Harmonium?

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