How To Sing Without Straining – 2 Exercises To Remove Vocal Tension

Discover all about How To Sing Without Straining – 2 Exercises To Remove Vocal Tension by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing Without Straining – 2 Exercises To Remove Vocal Tension.

Two simple exercises to help you sing without straining and remove your vocal tension for good.

Perfect for belting, singing high notes and if you get a tired or sore voice after singing.

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This is video 4 in my ‘How To Belt If You’re Not A Natural Belter’ series.

Vocal tension is primarily caused by your tongue being too tight. It is a muscle and all muscles develop muscle memory. If you experience a tight throat or you lose your voice after singing for a while then your tongue has ‘learned’ to be too tight so you need to retrain it.

Two exercises to reducing tongue tightness (and therefore vocal tension) are:

1. Sing your warm ups with your tongue stuck out.

This literally removes the tongue from the singing equation and will help your throat to relax.

2. Do the Lip Bubble.

The lip bubble is like blowing a raspberry with an aaaah tone added to it. You want to see if you can keep the lip bubble going steadily until you run out of breath.

Add these two exercises to your warm up BEFORE you start singing songs to help retrain your tongue to become more relaxed.

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20 thoughts on “How To Sing Without Straining – 2 Exercises To Remove Vocal Tension

  1. Deep Grewal says:

    Thank you so much. That helped.
    And you are too cute.

  2. Brett Kramer says:

    so should we stick our tongue out when doing the you yo ya and may-ble
    exercises as well?

  3. You don’t even know how much this helped me. I struggle with this but I
    dont have a voice teacher and I really want one and ur vids help me a
    LOT!!! Thx!!!😄

  4. AkiraxRiku says:

    You are so extremely helpful! You don’t just give exercises but you explain
    how it helps exactly. Thank you!

  5. Haley Allen says:

    Hello! Out of a lot of videos your have worked the best for me! However, I
    do need some help on controlling my voice. I have see teens my age sing
    with a clear smooth voice and they can sing pretty much every song with a
    smooth flow. And because of my voice I can only song certain songs or it
    sounds weird. Please help me!!!

  6. KaylaMc96 says:

    Hi thanks for the videos but where is video 3 for the Belting series? I
    can’t seem to find it

  7. Evelien Maes says:

    Awesome videos! Finally someone who can give a good explanation with doable
    exercises. Exactly what I need! Thx thx thx! Is there any news on video 3
    of this serie? Greetings!

  8. Leslie Soliman says:

    Thank you this is very helpful! Do you have any tip for relaxing the neck
    while singing? (sorry for my english I’m italian!) :)

  9. cadencorin1 says:

    You’re pretty awesome!!! …great stuff!!

  10. Pia Rosie says:

    please never stop doing videos like these, you’re amazing ! :)

  11. Ayan Saha says:

    Mam,can u post a video regarding muscle tension dysphonia?
    I have been to several therapists, ENTS but no one could actually find a
    particular remedy as there is lack of any physical damage.
    But the problem which i face is a terrible tension or a feeling of a lump
    or my vocal muscles too tight that sometime they go out of control and
    nowadays i feel a problem in clear bright speaking.
    But i experience or never have experienced any kind of pain.My range has
    significantly reduced.
    Thank u mam for this vocal tip.

  12. cratew2142 says:

    I cant find vid3 anyone know were it is?

  13. matchbox3eb says:

    Car warmups the best. Lol every time you say Gig I kept thinking you were
    going to the Geek. I’m like must be regional slang haha

  14. YourLifeFantastic says:

    I LOVE your videos! My question; I’ve been doing the lip bubbles and have
    found them to quite valuable. My only issue is my upper lip gets tickled
    after only a few seconds. Then I stop, scratch my upper lip (between the
    fleshy part of the lip and just below the nose), and start again. Is there
    any way to not be tickled by this exercise?

  15. Kevin mc namara says:

    happy new year niocla all the best 4 2016 xx

  16. Selena Ollivere says:

    thank you so much niocole

  17. Emma Cecilia says:

    you remind me of Samantha Barks

  18. Depopulation of the world says:

    Can you teach me how connect my Microphone In to your Mixer to tune your
    downtown voice ?……

  19. Jaxon Ellison says:

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