How to sing without sounding NASAL

Discover all about How to sing without sounding NASAL by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How to sing without sounding NASAL.

Anyone can learn to sing. Your voice is just a muscle, so you have to understand it and train it. You must also accept that every voice is different so embrace your own unique sound and learn to work with the tools you have been given. This video talks about how to spot nasality in your voice and gives you an exercise to combat it.

21 thoughts on “How to sing without sounding NASAL

  1. I found you today ! , Thanks for teaching ! 🙂 . recently I moved to a
    small city and here I couldn’t find any Singing Teacher! happy to have you

  2. Loveyour videos! They’re really helpful and fun too :). Would you ever do a
    video on how to increase the lower range for ladies? I feel my high notes
    are good but I’d like to be able to sing lower…
    Thanks for your videos!

  3. Thank you so much, I’ve always had a problem with air going down the nose
    instead of through the mouse, not just in singing but talking as well. I
    will definitely do this everyday, and is it okay to do this exercise 1-3
    times a day or should I stick to once a day?

  4. thank u …. respect from my bottom of my heart … love u love u love u
    …. that means a lot to me ….

    one day when i will become a good singer i will meet you and i will thank
    you ..
    mark my words ..

    Respect from Punjab , India

  5. I noticed I am more nasally when I sing low.
    You say that nasality is caused by a lazy soft palate, but when I sing low
    notes aren’t I supposed to keep my soft palate lower than when I sing high?
    What can I think of doing in order to sound less nasally when I sing low?

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