How To Sing With Vibrato!

Discover all about How To Sing With Vibrato! by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing With Vibrato!.

How To Sing With Vibrato!
Watch my best vocal tips all in one playlist:

Professional singer David DiMuzio gives a free singing lesson (vibrato tutorial) for beginners & intermediate singers teaching what vibrato is, how to use vibrato in songs, and and exercise for learning and understanding vibrato.


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46 thoughts on “How To Sing With Vibrato!

  1. Salah Eddine says:

    tu peut ecouter a mes music and me donner des advice 😀 tanks

  2. Dusan Patroch says:

    Thanks David for your singing videos, they are great and very helpful. I
    was wondering in the “How to sing with Vibrato!” part, what do you do with
    your mouth (diaphragm, wherever..) when you sing with a vibrato and when
    not. I mean at the end of your tutorial you show that sometimes it is good
    to start without vibrato and then start vibrato. My vibrato is kind of
    quick, mostly in the throat, doesn’t sound like yours, which I prefer. I
    think my vibrato is what is also described as “tremolo”, but I would like
    to develop a real vibrato. Thanks a lot for your answer

  3. Dorian Meza says:

    Thanks man helped me a lot :)

  4. johnnyboi828 says:

    You are really good at vibrato, I’m wondering can you NOT sing with it
    throughout a song? Just a challenge :)

  5. Aditya Khandelwal says:

    Hey Bro! When i try to do this all i end up doing is moving my larynx up
    and down. What happens, what do u feel when u do vibrato? Is your diaphragm
    moving up and down? What is it exactly?

  6. Brian Kramer says:

    Wow your videos are great!! A couple questions…When watching in the
    mirror I notice when my vibrato kicks in, my larynx quickly moves up and
    down. This is a bit distracting and sounds more like a wobble. It sounds
    too much like a manufactured vibrato in the throat and tends to flatten the
    pitch a bit. You mentioned vibrato sitting at the soft palette. What is
    your recommendation to undo a bad habit such as a manufactured throaty
    vibrato and to isolate it to the soft palette? Any tips or tricks? Also,
    singers vibratos vary…some have a very fast vibrato and some slower. I
    noticed many of the most famous singers have a fairly fast vibrato, or
    subtle vibrato sung through most of their notes. Is a faster vibrato more
    pleasing to the ear or is there a “sweet spot” or measurable frequency that
    is most generically pleasing? This would be a great deep dive vibrato video
    if you are willing to go into speed/frequency, and vibrato style for
    different types of genres. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  7. Amy Platt says:

    Your videos are so amazing! Can you tell me how to sing with vibrato whilst
    singing higher notes? I can sing with vibrato in lower notes or with my
    chest voice but as I sing higher notes my vibrato becomes almost non
    existent… Please help me! Is there any techniques I could use?

  8. Kamil Marudziński says:

    Hi, David
    I really want to know how to do intentional vocal breaks like this
    . A lot of singers do that and I
    can’t develop it. Please, help me

  9. Daniel Birch says:

    Great videos David, thanks for posting. Just wondering, do you think it’s
    possible to develop vibrato or is it more of a genetic thing…where you
    have the potential or you don’t? Can you think of any examples of people
    who never used to have it and through training now do? I’ve been a musician
    for years and I can hit notes and hold them, but it doesn’t sound “sweet”
    like it does when you have vibrato and I would love to develop it if at all

  10. jigz hiso says:

    damn I sing a lot and they told me i have a nice voice but i really cant do
    vibrato hehehehe……. but thank you for the tips 🙂
    but does everybody can do vibrato? or some cant?

  11. Galex Lopez says:

    Hi thnks i think im the youngest one who san vibrato im 9 great vids

  12. Are there any exercises to help develop it?

  13. Alexandra Ward says:

    Hey David. Great video. I have a question. I’m very lucky to have natural
    vibrato however it is very rapid atm. Just wondering if u have any
    techniques to slow it down. Thank you. 

  14. Gábor Zámborszky says:

    Thank you very much for the explanation! I’ve watched many videos relating
    to vibrato on youtube, but all of them said that vibrato is just jumping
    between two notes. I just didn’t want to believe that. I knew that it’s
    strengthening and weakening the power of the airflow.

    I have only one question: I can sing vibrato slowly, but there’s a speed
    (not fast at all) that I simply can’t get through. How could I increase the
    speed of my vibrato?

  15. Aldrin Lim says:

    I can vibrato but not fully well. but why my vibrato is too short?
    Sometimes some lines i can do a vibrato in the end of it but sometimes i

  16. Aaron Reyes says:

    i can’t do it well. thats because too much pressure or tightness of the

  17. Alexander Lee says:

    this is pretty much the only vibrato video I’ve found that has actual
    practical tips

  18. Kshitij Tarkas says:

    The most helpful video on this subject… Thank You!
    I have heard too much debate on natural and forced vibrato and I personally
    find it tough to categorize mine. I have read that the diaphragm should not
    be the organ that causes the vibrato. Since vibrato is a singers choice, I
    wanted to understand exactly which muscles are used here. Also is it cool
    if the larynx is ever so slightly involved in producing a correct vibrato?

  19. TheDwoods14 says:

    i cant extend my vibrato. i can do it on short notes kinda. but if i want
    to do it longer i sound like a squirrel aka tremolo. im Afraid im not doing
    it right. also very inconsistent sometimes hurts or gets very tight. I
    really want to get THIS HELP. PLEASE.

  20. TalkingWith Angel (LifeWithAngel) says:

    I was doing karoke on this app and someone said I had a nice subtle vibrato
    and I was wondering what that was haha ? and I’m glad I found this video
    now I understand cool I have it natural than 😌😌😌

  21. Jonathan Visaya says:

    I need more practice in flow control… I love the way you control the
    vibrato tempo, which I can’t do. When I’m singing, vibrato just happens or
    it doesn’t. I want to be able to turn it off or on when singing. Thanks for
    the video!

  22. Taeyeon Snsd says:

    How long does it take for someone to have vibrato by doing that exercise?

  23. Fabrício Montalvão says:

    Wow. you’re beautiful!

  24. Preity Bangz says:

    Hey erm could u do a video with a mixed voice like for someone who’s not
    good at a specific tone but can sing with low and high notes both. Bcuz I
    am neither good at low nor at high but with some songs I sound good so do u
    have any solution for this?

  25. Is it true that the more breath I put out , or the louder i sing, it’s
    going to be easier for me to make vibrato?

  26. Nattan Thumarin says:

    You are so funny and I like it a lot 😁🤗😂🤔

  27. How long did it take you to master the vibrato?

  28. Julio Pulgarin says:

    By using this technique how long will it take to master vibrato?

  29. Anagha Vishnu says:

    I’m so happy . This was the only video that helped me . Thank you !!!

  30. Justin Grace says:

    keep pushing the number 2 over and over on this video lmfao. PRICELESS!!
    “jus uh that uh there!”

  31. Thanurshan Rajarajan says:

    Thank You so Much David. This has been super helpfull since I am chanting
    in latin. It’s mostly vibrato. The technique really helped me to improve my
    Vibrato vocal range. Thanks once again.

  32. Jay Andrew says:

    How do you sing it naturally without forcing it?

  33. Saffy Jackson says:

    like this one i’ve tried so many vibrato exercices daily ,i really want to
    have vibrato,but it didn’t come out ,my
    voice stay straight and “empty” every time .Another problem is that though
    i can do high notes
    but my breathing is too short ,i lose my breath very quickly, then i
    have heart ache though i’m not forcing myself at all :'(

  34. Jeffrey Howard says:

    Bravo! to your vibrato. ;)

  35. Kyle Aboy says:

    David im a filipino fan of yours especially your filipino covers!!!
    But i actually want to have vibrato,im aleays practiced it,but i can’t do
    Pls help me,i want to have vibrato like yours,thank you :))

  36. Florence Simpao says:

    i can do it now bc of this video, but i cant sustain i’ll vibrato for just
    like 2 waves only why is that 😭

  37. Alliah Casis says:

    it’s hard. I guess…vibrato just comes naturally for other people that are
    good at singing

    1. Also, ich warte noch – auch aus dem Grund, weil ich im Augenblick lieber mit anderen Dingen beschäftigt bin. Who knows, was noch für Klikeegieitnn ins Auge fallen. Aber ich verfolge die Beiträge derer, die den Umstieg bereits gewagt haben. Wobei das prinzipiell – also der Umstieg auf ne neue WP-Version – nie wirklich ein großes Wagnis war/ist.

    2. Love the new bangs and color! You do look like Zoey – love her too!It’s funny you’re doing a hair post, because I’ve always noticed your hair was always so shiny and full.Can we say hair envy?

    3. While I don't eat them frequently, there are times when a hot dog is just good stuff (to me, there is a magical combination of a baseball game, hot dog and cold beer!) With toppings like this, how could it be anything but awesome??

  38. Bernard Errol Advincula says:

    Is it alright if my stomach shakes a little bit (But not too much)?
    Comparing as I used to shake my tummy very vigorously and rely on that for
    vibrato before to know, where it doesn’t budge, I say this video was pretty

  39. rasheemia star says:

    tell me if u lessons are free

  40. Gabriella Marquez says:

    The tone of my voice is much richer and I am fast realising that ‘less can be more’ when performing.

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  42. Reese Decker says:

    3 easy sounds that will show you how to sing really low.

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