How to sing with Vibrato – Vocal Techniques

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How to sing with Vibrato – Vocal Techniques

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This video addresses the question of vibrato.

How do we sing with vibrato?

And more importantly, how do we sing with and develop a healthy and therefore great sounding vibrato?

There is a huge misconception among singers that vibrato is something we have to manufacture or somehow create ourselves. This is very far from the truth!

This shows a lack of understanding of what vibrato actually is. Vibrato is simply the rapid variation in pitch produced by the oscillation (movement) of the vocal cords. And the vocal cords are only free to produce a nice sounding vibrato if everything else – i.e. our foundation vocal technique is working well

A proper and correct vibrato comes naturally as the result of healthy vocal technique – nothing else!

The Top 3 things that produce/ develop a great vibrato sound:

1) Effective Deep Breath and steady and even release of the breath

Practice breathing in and out in steady counts

2) No constriction in the tongue

Stretch out the tongue to get rid of tension in the root of the tongue

3) Keeping a nice open throat

Practice ‘ooo’ arpeggio

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40 thoughts on “How to sing with Vibrato – Vocal Techniques

  1. Krystal Martinez says:

    I’ve been trying and i still don’t have “vibrato”

  2. Briara Smith says:

    I have a natural vibrato 👌🏻👌🏻

  3. Seda Garibyan says:

    Thank you very much for sharing these valuable tips.

  4. Kiley Garrett (FantabulousK) says:

    a lot of times I actually don’t use my vibrato even though it comes very
    naturally to me with classical music and such. but my voice is very
    prominent and placed perfectly, so my vibrato mixed with my placement is
    often too much. so on longer, low notes, I’ll slip into my vibrato after a
    few counts to bring out the note, but the higher up I get, the more the
    tones ring back anyways, and to add a vibrato with that makes it sound very
    fake. my friend has a very quiet voice, and he doesn’t like to show it off.
    at a solo festival, he was performing, and the judge had him fix some
    simple cosmetic things like his confidence and his facial expressions. Bam.
    vibrato. amazing, glorious vibrato. I started tearing up. I don’t like men,
    but in that moment I fell in love with him. that’s how amazing his voice
    with vibrato is.

  5. Jeffrey Deppa says:

    Wow, followed you through the whole video and right at 8:50 a little
    vibrato started on its own w/o me even thinking about it

  6. Brooke Hansen says:

    This was very helpful! Your voice is beautiful, by the way! :)

  7. I honestly don’t believe vibrato is a natural technique. When you pluck a
    guitar string or play a piano key it plays with a straight tone. You have
    to physically bend the string up and down (of course with technique) in
    order to produce a vibrato on a guitar (and I’m sure the answer is similar
    with a piano; you physically produce the vibrato). If you “naturally” pluck
    a string on a guitar with the right technique without bending the string up
    and down (or I guess side to side as well) it will never produce a vibrato.

  8. Alex私の名前は says:

    This is a really great tutor :). Its very helpful.Could you show me or tell
    me a song that may improve the vibrato I am having now?

  9. Stela Muamana says:

    Does that mean that if im not singing with a vibrato im actually having a
    bad technique ? Even if i choose not to sing with it but could if i wanted

  10. Opposite of expansion is contraction

  11. MostHigh Mammal says:

    what does it mean, if I do the “oo” exercise and my throat feels achy
    after. I’m constricting something, right?
    oo have always been more difficult for me.

  12. Exidor Cyanuro says:

    Best lesson I’ve ever seen. Thanks!

  13. GREAT VIDEO!!!!! like like like!!!

  14. Manda Miller says:

    I appreciate how you explained all this! <3

  15. Sejamos Razoaveis says:

    awesome again thank you

  16. Kimberly Ourlian says:

    thankyou, very informative

  17. Fan girls says:

    thank you sooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. itszaneta says:

    followed through the whole video. i sang a song that had deep vibrato and
    sung with my ‘mask’ and it improved soo much, with just one watch of the
    video. thanks!

  19. Kitties and Wolves123 says:

    An asian woman with an australian accent?
    I have seen everything.

  20. Susan Liu says:

    I only have vibrato with my high notes. I have a really hard time with my
    awkward range.

  21. If vibrato is natural, is it possible to control it?

  22. CryBabyGames says:

    I do it most of the time I sing and I’m only 12

  23. Terrie McNamara says:

    So true. And I’m sad to sick that bravado technique is disappearing do to
    everyone singing indie style singing, where the vowels sound off. :(

  24. Terrie McNamara says:

    I have always sang with vibrato as it’s the only way I know how. As I pay
    attention to it, my esophageal muscles are just vibrating like an in and
    out … 

  25. Candace Gould says:

    love the video! I teach music and I tell my students the same thing!
    There’s an artificial and natural vibrato. great explanation!

  26. Dan de leon says:

    Unhelpful you dog eating. Slob on this nob 8===D~

  27. ashikdaie says:

    I found this channel so late 😢 . my voice cracks and in pain everytime I
    sing . Do I have any solutions or keep practising these techniques ? Thanks
    for tutoring 👍

  28. Kyl Hermanns says:

    thank you so much! this really helps me with my singing!

  29. •• LizzieJo •• says:

    You mentioned that you need to open your throat a lot. Is it possible that
    a person with swollen tonsils might struggle more than others when trying
    to develop vibrato? Great vid, btw:)

  30. •• LizzieJo •• says:

    I’m home alone trying to practice but my cat gets freaked out and looks
    like he’s seen a ghost every time I start singing😂

  31. Claire Moon says:

    The way I sing, my voice is very clear cut with no vibrato. But if I sing
    too long my throat gets tired, is this a sign that my throat is too tight
    when I’m singing? If I loosened up would I begin to develop a vibrato?

  32. Gmaraio7233 says:

    You’re Australian correct? I’m usually good at differentiating between
    Australian and British.

  33. Faiz Vocable says:

    The problem with me is that I get a slightly clear vibrato but then it
    comes and goes. How do I keep it constant? Plz reply xx

  34. Rui Tilson Mariamba says:

    Hi, sing with vibrato but I think it is not natural and some times it gives
    me trouble when I sing. Can I ever correct it?

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