7 thoughts on “How to SING with VIBRATO – Vocal Techniques | What Does Vibrato Feel Like? | #DrDan”

  1. Wow Dan, I would think vibrato it would be mandatory to some degree for any
    singer. What would be some things that would prevent this ability? As
    always, I value your opinion. Bob

  2. Vibrato is a trick skill for some…and nigh on impossible for a few. Try
    this exercise to experience vibrato in your own sound…

  3. As someone who sometimes struggles to get my vibrato going, this vid gives
    me peace of mind and I’m keen to try out this exercise :)

  4. I’m trying not to freak out but I had a natural vibrato and since I started
    lessons it seems to have gone. I used to vibrato intuitively. I never knew
    I was doing it until it was explained to me. In an attempt to add some
    variation to my style, I learnt to hold notes which I used to use vibrato
    on. But I can’t seem to get out of that ‘mode’ now. When I try to turn the
    vibrato on it’s not the same. It goes off key and sounds uncontrolled.
    Maybe I am just going through a phase in my learning or is it gone gone?
    (I’d rather have it back if possible.) Please help if you can Dr Dan!

  5. Just a quick question Dan, I have no vibrato, as I have accidently
    developed hammer vibrato, its sounds like a bleating sound, like a sheep,
    in fact you could probably make the sound mimicking a sheep, how ever, ive
    heard its a subtle oscillation in pitch, I dont know much about vibrato as
    everyone has said something different, but isn’t what your doing here
    changing breath pressure?, if this is correct vibrato that’s awesome
    because its been a huge help, is there any chance you’d be able to make
    another video like this explaining it better, anyway thanks Dan, love the
    vids by far my favourite teacher, looking forward to a reply

  6. Wouldn’t let me reply for some reason, but you Scared me for a second there
    just googled it, definatly not involuntary, just a bad habbit I picked up
    from listening to a singer I love, Leroy Sanchez who has a very fast
    vibrato, problem is I didn’t mimick it correctly and now have hammer
    vibrato here’s a link

    all I’m wanting to know is, is this the reason I dont have vibrato because
    I picked up on a bad habbit, is it possible to learn from your exercise, I
    have ditched hammer vibrato and now have a wobble its slowly getting faster
    though, thanks Dan!

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