How To Sing With Vibrato Part 1 Ken Tamplin  - How To Sing With Vibrato Part 1 - Ken Tamplin -

How To Sing With Vibrato Part 1 – Ken Tamplin –

How To Sing With Vibrato Part 1 – Ken Tamplin – - Discover all about How To Sing With Vibrato Part 1 – Ken Tamplin – by reading the article below. If you want to know more about How To Sing With Vibrato Part 1 – Ken Tamplin – and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here How To Sing With Vibrato Part 1 – Ken Tamplin –

Vocal Coach Ken Tamplin Coaches How To Sing With Vibrato.
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41 thoughts on “How To Sing With Vibrato Part 1 – Ken Tamplin –”

  1. Ken, you doing a great job. Congratulation! I have some experience in both
    rock and classical singing methods. I am trying to put them together. I
    think basic is the same. About vibrato, it should be natural, I agree. In
    belcanto vibrato should happen by it self. That is natural. I dont know if
    it sound good when you sing rock. But if you make it your self, than your
    way is best.

  2. How do you feel about the way Elvis Presley applied his vibrato/tremolo? I
    personally think, he had one of the best vibrato/tremolo techniques in my
    opinion, and should at least be recognized. I am not a singer by any means,
    but I do play guitar (among various other instruments) and do apply the
    vibrato/tremolo (on guitar) to notes played at specific times, as it can
    make a note (that has been picked) more attractable/compliment. But it is
    also personal preference , but I do like the the effect it gives to a note,
    that has been picked at specific times. I also think everybody has their
    own unique style of vibrato/tremolo, some good and some not so good in my
    opinion, which again is personal preference. When it comes to guitar, I
    don’t know if their is a correct way or an incorrect way, but I do know
    when I hear someone else playing guitar and using vibrato/tremolo might
    actually ruin a note that has been picked as the player applies his/her
    vibrato/tremolo as they may not have the technique mastered quite right. I
    have a specific way of using my vibrato/tremolo technique which satisfies
    me, but may not satisfy someone else listening to what I have done or
    doing. I do it as an added compliment to a note, as it can be very
    effective and bring some additional life to a note which can make it more
    appealing. I like your video’s from what I have seen so

  3. Thanks for the explanation!
    Can anyone tell me which kind of vocal techniques the singer is using in
    this song?
    平成15年度 長山洋子 じょんから女節 .avi
    (singing starts at 0:56)
    Is it a wobble, a tremolo, both combined or something entirely diffrent
    with a switch in vocal registers? Sorry, I’m not a singer/musician. I
    understand that this style of singing is often found in traditional
    Japanese music.

  4. I totally copied Jon Bon Jovi back in the day and would use my throat along
    with head/neck movement like he does to get vibrato most of the time. Have
    you ever noticed that about him? Thanks, agw.

  5. I totally copied Jon Bon Jovi back in the day and would use my throat along
    with head/neck movement like he does to get vibrato most of the time. Have
    you ever noticed that about him? Thanks, agw.

  6. My great teacher thank you very much, finally I did my best job in singing
    and I did it very well, until now, I continue to train myself, I still
    remember in one of your videos that we can sing like the singers that we
    like so much, and we can sing better the songs which we want to sing, I
    proved them, yes….I do agree with you. I always train to put my voice
    correctly. I want to be what I am and always be humble. Thank you so much.

  7. Natural vibrato sounds great. But fake vibrato sounds horrible. Just watch
    the Whitney Houston wannabes on X-factor. I’ve seen some even produce
    vibrato by shaking their arm. I’d rather get a woman to help out, or ride a
    bike down a bumpy hill.

  8. Hello Ken, I must say that your videos are extremely informative and I cant
    wait to get better. That being said, what is the very first step I need to
    take? I never really thought about the details of my singing, I just sing
    when the mood strikes me. I hope youc an help me on the road towards better

  9. did u ever sing with steve vai on guitar perhaps????lol who did u sing for
    ?a band of just yourself? sry just curious! thnx

  10. ohhh babe! lovin your rendition of stevie nicks! lol do u actually think
    thats a technique or just who she is as a singer ?since many have come and
    gone and dont have that sound to them?

  11. Does we make vibrato or it out naturally? Because if we make vibrato, it
    will make tired and sometimes it won’t out properly. I’m not always can
    make vibrato well, and it’s hard to make vibrato when I catch high notes.

    Would you like to give some advice about this case?

  12. I really want to learn vibrato because I was on a school program and I
    couldn’t sing because there was tension in my neck 

  13. This is an amazing study and explanation of vibrato. I struggled with
    creating vibrato until tonight while thinking about whether the waver
    should happen above the note or below it. I also believe that it should be
    below the note. Unhealthy tension would make the note go up. Relaxation
    would make it go down.

  14. My singing is amazing as long as the song that im singing to is turned up
    very very loud. i turn it off and sing, and i no longer sound exactly the
    same as the recording. In fact, i sound terrible. Can anyone explain this

  15. I need your lessons God has blessed me with a Gift and Im Trying to Develop
    into the artist i know im capable of Becoming

  16. Yo, KT!!! Gabriella and you rock man! FULLLLLL
    you guys are teaching me so many things man! I compare the few tips i can
    steal from your videos with things i have seen in other vocalprogrammes,
    and it really helps to see demonstrations to understand things. i love it!
    and everything you say makes complete sense!

  17. I can do a bit of vibrato when my voice is slightly higher and if I’m
    singing loud to lets say, Adele’s songs. But it’s hard for me to do vibrato
    if I’m singing softly. It’s also not as defined as I want it to be
    sometimes… :(

  18. I’m just curious as to why some of the most famous singers in history don’t
    hold their tongue the way you do yours when you’re singing. It’s bizarre at
    best lol. That being said, you’re one hell of a singer and I think it’s
    awesome that you’re putting this information out there for your
    viewers/subscribers/student/aspiring singers to view. Purchased your
    lessons about a year and a half ago and there’s no doubt at all if I’m a
    better singer or not. I constantly get comments from family like, “I had no
    idea you could sing like that.”

    So in my opinion, your lessons are absolutely legit and they break down how
    to achieve the sound, the science behind what it is you’re doing wrong and
    how to fix it and breathing techniques. REALLY enjoyed your videos Ken.
    Thanks again for making this information available to us.

  19. Oh now i get it…. That explains why my friend can be 10ft from the mic
    and you can hear him and I’m barely a foot away and screaming…. He has a
    natural vibrato that resonates for miles. Wish i could get some lessons…

  20. Ghostbusters haha…Ken you are well educated, and gifted teacher…

    Respects and rockons from Korydallos, Greece !

  21. when you were talking about freddie mercury i definitely understood what
    you meant. but i believe that since he never took vocal lessons or anything
    of the sort he would try to force it so that it was there. that being said
    he didn’t rely on his vibrato to carry him through everything he sang. he
    still knew when to apply it and when not to. of course i could be entirely
    wrong as i have no experience in music besides a little guitar playing

  22. I naturally want to use vibrato in my uh…nose area i guess, is this
    harmful? I have had nasal swelling for about a year now but not sure if it
    is related to my singing or not

  23. I still am having a hard time. I have been told that I have a voice of a
    choir girl or for show tunes… I did learn to sing in church… maybe some
    people just can’t? or maybe I need to have more lessons? ….

  24. Jennifer has been working as a professional vocal coach since leaving University in 2007, with a BA Honours in Musical Theatre.

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